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Thursday, June 29, 2006

i cannot believe this.....

The robotic dairy farm is booked!!!!

We can't get in. O.K. all is not lost. We are heading home tomorrow anyway. The one day lost for our trip was the journey to DeeCee. No big deal. Truthfully, it would have been very rushed and not complete. Something we can look forward to in the future.

Assuming everything goes well, i should be back home tomorrow at this time.

Tonite after H-D, we played around the pool for a while. i also was able to go for a nice run around a York city park near the hotel. I ran a few laps around the park, about a 45 minute run in all. No idea on the distance, nor do i really care as.....

Pennsylvania is real hilly...

Bastards, i swear every step i took was uphill, and i was running in circles. How does that happen?

So tomorrow we go home. Saturday i bartend, and Sunday i get up real early for my first of two races next week.

No PR's here, just looking to finish. i know i sounded so enthusiastic about the run in Traverse, but this week of typical vacation bad food shot me outta the water.

Sorry 'bout not being able to report on the dairy farm.

But i gotta say.... this place is real proud of being the factory tour capital.

DYK.... not one H-D employee has ever lost his/her job on the line by being replaced by a robot? Robotics are used, but the employee is re/cross-trained to be able to maintain his/her employment. They are very proud of never down-sizing at the factory level. And it's unionized.

Hmmmmm..... quality product, name recognition, caring about employees.... remind anyone of Ford Motor Co a few decades ago. Both companies were born in 1903. I wonder if Ford has ever downsized at the factory level?


Lisa said...

Glad to hear you tried to see the robotic milkers. You got a great run in instead, though.

Please don't get me started on the union. There's not enough space here. ;)

Good luck on your race...you'll do great, I know it.

Gknee said...

Bummer about the Dairy Farm....I keep picturing Bender milking cows. My brain is warped.

Have a safe drive home!