"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Monday, July 31, 2006

hello out there......

sorry to be gone so long, i truly am...but

life sometimes gets in the way of blogging.

i spent last week camping, and unlike my recent visit to PA i had no internet hookup at the campsite.

To recap:

a wonderful week with family and friends in northern michigan on the 6th most beautiful lake in the world, per National Geographic magazine.

camped with lots of runners so we ran. in the rain, on trails, on pavement, we ran

give me a day to get back into blogger mode, i'd like to provide a bit more info and thoughts after spending a week around a campfire.

thanks for reading

....and it'll be nice to run in familiar territory again. i love being home.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

i really think the hardest thing in sports is to hit a round ball with a round bat, but...

the combined physics is awe inspiring to me. the balls movements in the relatively short distance and time span. the speed of the ball varying from low 70's to high 90 mph. the speed, strength, and accuracely of the batter to maintain any control over the hit ball...

but to me....

Baseball is a little dull, but...

i don't like to watch it on TV, but take me out to the ball game and i'm in heaven. y'know why?

it's our national pastime.

i heard an interesting comment from a sports reporter a few years ago, this is a paraphrase of how i remember it.

If Baseball is our pastime, Football is our passion. Not sure who i heard it from, it's stuck in my vault of useless knowledge taking up space normally used to remeber a birthday or anniversary.

Sorry to seem like taking a long way to get to my point, but i seem to have raised an eyebrow or two with some comments i made to another running blog or two, with my thoughts regarding running and blogging and stuff. To those of you maybe reading this, assuming you've kept reading, who know me well,...this would not be too much of a surprise. it most likely results in a shrug and perhaps surprise it took me this long.

I am sorry if my comment that i find statistics a little boring offended anyone. Truly i am. i have so much gray matter consumed with trivia, statistics and pop culture nonsense you would think completely the opposite.

please, please understand my reasoning and the total fear i have of statistics.

Remember my OCD post? if not real quick...i'm a bit obsessive, and it can occasionally totally distract, ie consume, me. i'm trying to run, see eventually running comes into play, too, among other things, help me find a balance in my life.

While losing weight, i have found myself weighing myself up to three times a day. Blogging and reading Blogs is right now taking me from time spent with the kids. i've started to wear a little Wendy's Kids digital watch while running. It's from "over the hedge", it's the raccoon character. it's velcro and fits on my wrists. It is an exercise in retraint to only glance at the watch when i hit mile markers. Then i spend the entire time 'till a marker stressing over calculating pace.

If i let them, stats and splits will destroy my holistic feeling of running as one gestaltic experience and break things down into micromanaging my workout.

So i apologize that my fear may have leapt out my fingertips and into the keyboard.

thanks again for reading

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nothing witty or new today just some new training to report

ran for 55 minutes yesterday after chasing the stupid white ball around for a couple miles.

distance 6.65 miles
time 55 and some change

pace 8:16-20

Had to retire a pair of running shoes. i like my new shoes but felt some pain in my knee for the first time this morning. not good pain either, it was the oops something feels wrong pain.

any thoughts? it's the first time my bionic knee has felt any pain after running. It could be due to my increased pace but i'm not sure. Should i try to slow down or see what happens friday when i have a 4 miler scheduled followed by a 7 miler on Saturday.

The ACL really only applies to lateral movement, and sudden stops and starts. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back to Basics.....

Now that the first week of running as real training is over i decided to start the 2nd week with some interval training. I liked it, and had never done it before.

i ran 12 440's at a 1:30-1-50 pace with rest between to equal 3:00 per lap. my reward for running fast, more rest and vice versa. The high school track is 'bout 1/2 mile from the home so figure my 4 miles well spent. (love the rubberized track)

That was Monday, Tuesday i was actually sore. Wow, i haven't been sore in a while. It was a good kind of sore, not achy, but like i had pushed my physical limits. O.K. i'm a masochist.

Bible Stuff....

Finished Job, had to read lots of it twice to follow the gist. It ask tough questions to believers and non-believers. It may be the earliest account of a "lifes-not-fair" story. Deal with life as it comes, learn to deal with loss.

It's still very relative to today's world. Isn't it easier to worship if your life is filled with joy? a truer test of faith may be how it is maintained through adversity?

Anyway, i'm in the Psalms now and still going strong.

Political stuff....

thanks to all who read my last post which allowed me to indulge in my tongue-n-cheek views.

i met a candidate for the U.S. Senate this last weekend. He seemed to be a nice guy but we were at political opposites. i offered to wear a campaign sticker if he was willing to support gay marriage. We laughed for a moment, shook hands and sincerely wished each other well, but agreed to disagree.

Shout Out to....

the mom2moms who have stumbled upon my blog through the Fun Guv'nor,

Mike Barr for the encouragement as i continue to train, and the entire Barr family,

Running Rabbit and Running Girl for making me feel like part of larger community as we train for Chicago from all over the midwest, and finally

Mac, Mark, Scott, Tess, Gknee and my bride, Lisa aka Fun Guv'nor for always being there. No matter what stupid things i do. You're the best and i love you all.

thanks again for indulging me

Monday, July 10, 2006

This post has no running stuff in it.....

An interesting thought occurred as i was watching the Cherry Royale Parade after the race on Saturday....

Jenny...the hottest governor, in the U.S. was walking the route. Yes, it's an election year, but many government types walk this parade. One year Gerald Ford did it.

And of course she was met with more than a few boos and applause. It was heated from both sides. Fun Guv'nor even made a snide comment loud enough for a booer to hear about the immaturity of booers of our elected officials. i'm not a Bush fan but i would at least not boo him at a public appearance.

Personally, i applaud the mess she has had to try to deal with. Y'know she cut some programs, she had to start creating some sense of fiscal responsibility. Fastest shrinking population = less tax dollars to use, no free lunch, duh...

Anyway, my point. So after visiting Gettysburg i left struck with the feeling that as a nation we are not all that far removed from the Civil War. TV loves to do "news" articles about the extreme differences between the BLUEs and REDs.

We are so torn, and i have caused to reflect on the words spoken by my favorite president, ironically a republican. Also the first president to lose the popular vote and be elected. Also, believed by many to have been a homosexual, but waaaay of the point unless in context to right wingers being homophobic.

Anyway, Honest Abe asked questions about us, the people. Can a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal endure?
and Can a nation so divided be saved?

i'd like to add one more question...

Considering the passion by which people consider themselves RED or BLUE are we that far removed from our Civil War forefathers?

The buddhist in me says our nation was doomed to fail from the beginning. i will not go quietly into the night though...

i'm going to be nicer to republicans, or at least try.

it's a start. but if those bastard red staters keep taking and not giving back, i'll stop!!! ;)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

15K ends or starts a great first week of training.

i'll get to the stats but first a few things i wanted to point out in the picture. This is the last turn off the parade route to the finish. The road is brick here. It's an original brick road in the city, somewhat repaired over the years. Who decided to end a 9 mile plus race on uneven bricks?

Also see the woman 3 people back from me? i was behind her when we turned the last corner. Somehow i was able to hammer down a sprint and pass three people in the last .25 mile. i'm really not the most competitive person but when i see a finish line the juices start flowin' and the race becomes all about me and the clock.

i had a few goals yesterday. Finish strong, under 1:20, don't break stride going up the hill. Man what a hill!!!

This was the largest event i had been to yet. People from all over the U.S. were here.Of course most from Michigan. There was a 5k, a 5k walk and a 15k. i saw bib numbers over 2500. i was 452. My friend Mike Barr estimated about 800 runners at our start. The 5k folks started about 15 minutes before us. Then it was our turn.

From the start of the gun, it took us 25 seconds to walk to the mats and take off. It was a big race.

The course was awesome. 4 miles out the penninsula, across, and four miles back the other side, into downtown and 3/4 s of the parade route before turning on the brick road to the finish. Plenty of water and gatorade along the course and with the Michigan July heat and humidity much needed. Lot's of people with their hoses out to spray cool water on a runner. Great cheering sections as well the entire race. It was the most positive racing experience i have had yet.

THE HILL. It had an EMT on top just in case. The hill was serious. It ended a few people runs. It caused a lot of people to walk up it. It had three seperate rises, two water stations and an EMT. No shade. i beat the hill. Thanks to advice i have read regarding hills through the running blogs, i kept my stride, albeit a little shorter, and beat the hill. The run down another exercise in restraint, but a real good time to recover.

This race is a definite must run, if you can

Anyway the stats:

time 1:18:52 yay!! i beat 1:20
pace 8:31
overall 271 out of 539 finishers. no stats on the DNF's, but they were there
age group 30 out of 42, no hardware here

Friday, July 07, 2006

Why i run.....

i gotta throw this out for the world of blogshere to see....had enough....good, don't look anymore

This is about one year ago. My weight was probably in the 240-250 range. Funny thing is at the time i didn't feel terrible about my appearance.

i guess i felt numerous chins were an important sign of success. Maybe i was thinking that large man boobs hid the gut?

i must face the fact.... I WAS HUGE!!!!

How the heck did my wife look at me a say, "gotta get me some of that"?

Wait....she didn't.

Anyway i'm taking a moment to thank all my good friends who encouraged me to get back into a shape that's not ROUND.

i shouldn't be doing this, but here's a totally unflattering picture of me today... beware don't look if you frighten easily...

O.K. i'm not thin yet. But i'm getting a lot closer.

Wish me luck this weekend at the 15k. i'll be back on Sunday to update if anyone is interested.

thanks again for reading, and dealing with my insecurities.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy 50th Post!!!

Well this is a milestone. 50 posts.

So it's Thursday morning and my first week of training is almost done. i didn't keep track of time to accurately, but the distances are fairly good. i have one more run scheduled, the big 15k saturday.

This is how my first week (8 days) looks:

Sat 8
Sun 6.22 (10K)
Mon 4.25
Tues 7.00
Wed Walk 2 miles while chasing a little white ball
Thur 4.25
Fri Rest
Sat 9.33 (15K)

So that's about 40 miles running and a little walking thrown in.

i admit it's a little too intense, and overdoing the first week training schedule, but i'm punishing myself for the extra weight i put on while vacationing.

i should be back under 200 lbs again by Saturdays race if i eat right for the next two days, and rested enough to run well.

thanks for reading

Monday, July 03, 2006

OK, finally a vacation picture.

There may be more soon but first two things i need to address.

  1. The name of the blog is "Mike has a Thought", so it's real unfiltered. i try to just think, write and publish. There may be spelling errors and diction issues. Music buffs out there.... i know who you are...consider it like improv. There are no real wrong or right notes, just poor choices. So yeah, i make some poor choices. Spell checking sucks a lot cause it always wants to capitalize "I". Occasionally, i have gone back to fix stuff, but i figure anyone reading gets the point. Yes, i realize "governor" was spelled wrong, i really was to lazy to fix it. Additionally, Lisa may be referred to as Fun Guv'nor, and
  2. Tag, here goes...top of my head stuff.

4 jobs i have had:

  1. cherry orchard worker
  2. plastic injection molding machine operator, the only job i ever just walked out on
  3. night auditor at a hotel
  4. bartender

4 places i have lived:

  1. Traverse City
  2. Mt Pleasant
  3. Madison Hts
  4. Clinton Twp

4 Movies i can watch over and over:

  1. Godfather; parts 1 & 2, not 3
  2. Casablanca
  3. Caddyshack
  4. The Outlaw Josey Wales

4 favorite TV shows:

  1. Rescue Me
  2. The Office
  3. My name is Earl
  4. Desperate Housewifes...it's true i'm hooked

4 places i've vacationed

  1. Ocho Rios
  2. Disneyworld
  3. Tawas State Park, camping
  4. Mackinac Island

4 websites i visit daily

  1. work stuff mostly
  2. running blog stuff
  3. my yahoo for fantasy sport stuff
  4. whatever you call those random pages of jokes people email to me stuff

4 favoite foods

  1. blueberries, i just ate a pint while typing
  2. pizza
  3. burgers
  4. gyros

4 places i'd rather be; page up to vacation places

4 favorite bands

  2. BNL
  3. REM
  4. Green Day

i don't really want to tag anybody, nor do have anyone to tag as every blog i read seems to be tagged at this point so i will improvise a little with a last tidbit

4 greatest live shows i have seen

  1. KISS destroys Tiger Stadium, opened with Sponge and the last appearance of Alice in Chains in concert. The original band back in make-up. What a treat!!!
  2. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, another reunion tour, in 1998 the band had not performed together in 10 years. There was no new album to promote, just the hits. The concert focused on Born to Run, Darkness on the Edge of Town and The River albums. 3 hrs no intermission, no opening act.
  3. The Concert for Change. OK, not to be redundant, but Lineup: Bruce, REM, John Fogerty. i had seen Bruce and REM before, but this concert was unique the way the artists played each others tunes and made guest appearances in each others set. For the finale, the Dixie Chicks came over to sing back-up vocals. There must have been 20 musicians onstage. In Cobo no less, could it have been any smaller of a venue?
  4. New Years Eve 1999, the venue sucked, The Silverdome, but the lineup: Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Metallica. Joe C was still alive, and all over the stage for Kid's set. Nugent came out riding his buffalo, Metallica was awesome. As with the Concert for change, plenty of guest appearances, and low egos. The Finale, Detroit Rock City, done quite unrehearsed, by all 3 acts. i didn't even like Kid Rock's music to that show. He made a believer of me.

Thanks for reading

Sunday, July 02, 2006

So anyway i was going to post some vacation pictures today. That was the plan at least.

Then, i thought about answering Lisa's tag. It going to take a little time. Not much, but i have more important things to post today.....


Wait.... want a bigger picture?

Or are you perhaps distracted by the handsome devil? Who really needs a haircut!!

Is that ...silver???

why, yes...it is

I was loser number one behind the winner for my age bracket.



Pace: 8:30

Oh Yeah, there were more than 2 people in my age group, there were 6 actually.

Of the 45 runners in today's 10K race i finished a absolute mean, median and mode overall number of 23

Wait number 23, Gatorade's gonna call with an endorsement deal.

like mike, i wanna be like mike, like mike ......

Truthully, thanks to anyone who has perused upon this blog and offered support as i totally stressed the idea of running a race after not running at all for a week while on vacation. holy run-on sentance Batman

Did i mention Hardware?

Thanks again for reading

Saturday, July 01, 2006

We're back!!!!

Thank Gawd, i need a vacation from my vacation.

A fun filled week of a whole lotta doing nothing is three weeks away. The camping trip.

So today is was nice to run in familiar territory again. I ran far and hard, not the smartest thing with a 10K tomorrow, but oh well. During my week of not running and eating real bad, i gained about 10 lbs. This is a lesson well learned and i need to trim about ten lbs off before the 15K next week.

I should be fine for tomorrows run. 6-7 miles is my usual routine, and that's how i'm viewing it. Just with a few other runner's.

Nice thing is tomorrow is the first official training day.

So i too can begin to blog about training. it's been hell the last two weeks reading all my running blogger buddies in blogsphere starting to train as i second guess the program i was given.

Anyway today's run was 1 hr 12 minutes
distance 8 miles

so figure 9 minute miles. i'll take that. That'll put me at 56 minutes for tomorrows run, and still under two hrs for a 1/2 marathon.

My Bible reading took the same hiatus as my diet and exercise program. i'll get back to that soon as well.

Pictures from the trip are coming soon.

thanks again for reading