"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Monday, July 03, 2006

OK, finally a vacation picture.

There may be more soon but first two things i need to address.

  1. The name of the blog is "Mike has a Thought", so it's real unfiltered. i try to just think, write and publish. There may be spelling errors and diction issues. Music buffs out there.... i know who you are...consider it like improv. There are no real wrong or right notes, just poor choices. So yeah, i make some poor choices. Spell checking sucks a lot cause it always wants to capitalize "I". Occasionally, i have gone back to fix stuff, but i figure anyone reading gets the point. Yes, i realize "governor" was spelled wrong, i really was to lazy to fix it. Additionally, Lisa may be referred to as Fun Guv'nor, and
  2. Tag, here goes...top of my head stuff.

4 jobs i have had:

  1. cherry orchard worker
  2. plastic injection molding machine operator, the only job i ever just walked out on
  3. night auditor at a hotel
  4. bartender

4 places i have lived:

  1. Traverse City
  2. Mt Pleasant
  3. Madison Hts
  4. Clinton Twp

4 Movies i can watch over and over:

  1. Godfather; parts 1 & 2, not 3
  2. Casablanca
  3. Caddyshack
  4. The Outlaw Josey Wales

4 favorite TV shows:

  1. Rescue Me
  2. The Office
  3. My name is Earl
  4. Desperate Housewifes...it's true i'm hooked

4 places i've vacationed

  1. Ocho Rios
  2. Disneyworld
  3. Tawas State Park, camping
  4. Mackinac Island

4 websites i visit daily

  1. work stuff mostly
  2. running blog stuff
  3. my yahoo for fantasy sport stuff
  4. whatever you call those random pages of jokes people email to me stuff

4 favoite foods

  1. blueberries, i just ate a pint while typing
  2. pizza
  3. burgers
  4. gyros

4 places i'd rather be; page up to vacation places

4 favorite bands

  2. BNL
  3. REM
  4. Green Day

i don't really want to tag anybody, nor do have anyone to tag as every blog i read seems to be tagged at this point so i will improvise a little with a last tidbit

4 greatest live shows i have seen

  1. KISS destroys Tiger Stadium, opened with Sponge and the last appearance of Alice in Chains in concert. The original band back in make-up. What a treat!!!
  2. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, another reunion tour, in 1998 the band had not performed together in 10 years. There was no new album to promote, just the hits. The concert focused on Born to Run, Darkness on the Edge of Town and The River albums. 3 hrs no intermission, no opening act.
  3. The Concert for Change. OK, not to be redundant, but Lineup: Bruce, REM, John Fogerty. i had seen Bruce and REM before, but this concert was unique the way the artists played each others tunes and made guest appearances in each others set. For the finale, the Dixie Chicks came over to sing back-up vocals. There must have been 20 musicians onstage. In Cobo no less, could it have been any smaller of a venue?
  4. New Years Eve 1999, the venue sucked, The Silverdome, but the lineup: Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Metallica. Joe C was still alive, and all over the stage for Kid's set. Nugent came out riding his buffalo, Metallica was awesome. As with the Concert for change, plenty of guest appearances, and low egos. The Finale, Detroit Rock City, done quite unrehearsed, by all 3 acts. i didn't even like Kid Rock's music to that show. He made a believer of me.

Thanks for reading


Running Rabbit said...

Great vaca pic. I love BNL!

Gknee said...

Good bands....but since when didn't we all have great taste in music :)

Kim said...

Did the movie choices begat the job choices? Or the other way around?

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