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Friday, July 07, 2006

Why i run.....

i gotta throw this out for the world of blogshere to see....had enough....good, don't look anymore

This is about one year ago. My weight was probably in the 240-250 range. Funny thing is at the time i didn't feel terrible about my appearance.

i guess i felt numerous chins were an important sign of success. Maybe i was thinking that large man boobs hid the gut?

i must face the fact.... I WAS HUGE!!!!

How the heck did my wife look at me a say, "gotta get me some of that"?

Wait....she didn't.

Anyway i'm taking a moment to thank all my good friends who encouraged me to get back into a shape that's not ROUND.

i shouldn't be doing this, but here's a totally unflattering picture of me today... beware don't look if you frighten easily...

O.K. i'm not thin yet. But i'm getting a lot closer.

Wish me luck this weekend at the 15k. i'll be back on Sunday to update if anyone is interested.

thanks again for reading, and dealing with my insecurities.


Running Rabbit said...

Holy Shit! I didn't know who the hell that was in the first pic! You look great and have come a long way! Be proud of your accomplishments! (Shhh...Now...can you get my hubby to start to care about his health?!)

Good Luck this weekend with the race!

Lisa said...

You look mahvelous, dahling!

Good luck on the race...let us know how it goes.

Animal said...

I dunno, I'm lookin' at that pool picture thinkin' "I gotta get me some o'that!"


Vic said...

You look great, Mike. Great blog.

jeanne said...

now that's progress!! thank god you cut your hair! :)