"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Final Post First Marathon Thoughts:

First let's say after thinking about the marathon for the last week, i am hooked. Marathoning is a blast, i can't wait to do more. What will be next? Not sure yet, but soon i'll have a plan. RR makes a strong argument for the Flying Pig, and since i might be able to run at her pace, i could spend 26.2 running 5-10 feet behind her. It might just be the best thing to see in Cincy.

Second, we already have room reservations for Chicago next year, but i would like to do a spring marathon as well.

Third, prior to the big run, when Lisa and i were saying good-bye to our sig. others, Fun Guv'nor gave me a hug and a kiss, told me to run strong and then said something i've never heard from her. "i'm proud of you."

This is something i've never heard before. We kiss and hug and say we love each other daily, that's not new. But that she was proud of me. i think more than anything, that statement carried me through any pain i felt during the big run. Thank you, i'm proud of you too, for so many things and i'm sorry i've never told you.

Fourth, meeting all the other RBF'ers at the post race party. What a thrill, thanks Barb for doing the leg work. Thanks to all the other bloggers for being there. And to those of you bloggers who couldn't, 1000 lashes with a wet noodle. You were missed, but i hope you felt the great vibe generated by all the positive thoughts from the meetup, as you made your way home from Chicago.

Fifth, i went for a run Wednesday after the big run. It was a simple little 4 miler. Mostly i ran to work out the kinks left over from acid built up in my joints. It was great to hit the road again. After all, I'M A MARATHONER, it's what we do. WE RUN

Sixth, i need to spend a little time on updating the look of the blog. So rehabbing it may take some time, it may be a longer time between post. Please stick around as i make some subtle changes.

Lastly, i could go on forever with my thoughts of the big run, but i need to stop. Content wise, the blog will remain the same. Thoughts of a runner as he trains for life as a runner, peppered with whatever strikes my muse that day.

Thanks again for reading

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Now that i've hit the most embarrassing moments....

Let's go over the best moments:

Wrigleyville....heard a local pep band playing the Superman Overture... how cool was that?

Old Town Chicago.... next huge crowd, crowds were large almost the whole route, but this was another level

Passing the 4:30 group leader...this was tough, lots of folks in this group, but at the 12 mile mark, i had visual evidence of making up time from my #1/#2 break at the two mile mark


.....A picture says a thousand words

Somewhere around 16 or 17 miles when i realized i wasn't tired yet. This was an great moment for me. My strides were long and even, great breathing still. i thought i would be hurting but wasn't...yet

Little Italy, again huge crowds, not as big as Old Town but a great boost, which led to...

Mexican Town, a little bigger crowds, a little louder, another boost, neat moment...guy with tequila shots, with all the fixin's, i admit to being tempted, but no, not today

30K mark...

Again 1000 words here

About here a stitch started but i wasn't going to stop until 20 miles, and
rest doesn't really make a stitch go away, keep going then...

Chinatown, loudest crowds, rowdiest excited folks yet. Funny how the stitch went away here, never to be felt again

Around mile 22 i took my first walk break through a water station, i had slowed down a little at the others this was my first stop to walk. It felt good

The last 800 meters was phenomenal. The roar of the crowd, the excitement. Finding an extra boost of energy, high five-ing spectators. And as i approached the last 200 meters, and was beginning to lose steam, i saw the best site of the entire 26.2

Lisa, MacKenzie and Jimmy in the stands.

i never thought i would see them.

What a boost, crowds and cheers be damned!!

i swear i ran in a vaccum the last 100 meters

Lisa was able to snap this picture at the end.

Then it was time to revel in the moment. Get my mylar blanket and medal, a rub-down and a frothy beverage.
What a day!!!

of course, best shared with friends and family...

Nitmos and i

and with Mac

Thanks for Reading
Next final thoughts after the Big Run

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why a 40 minute 5k to start the marathon?

While i wait for Fun Guv'nor to upload some great pictures of the marathon, let me fess up to an embarrassing moment.

i had to pee.

i had to pee as soon as the horn went off to start. i'm not sure what i did different from any other race, but it was cold. i did have a bottle of gatorade standing in the corral to start, and then, i had to pee.

i thought as i ran it would go away. Noo, not today. It was a bit chilly.

At 2-2.5 miles, i saw a couple port-a-johns, so...

i stopped, and waited in line, and waited, and waited.

As thousands of runners went by...even Lisa noticed me as she went by, waved, and i think, giggled as i stood waiting for my turn, rocking for foot to foot, heavily into pee-pee dance mode.

I swear i thought when i finally got out of the port-o-potty i would be the last person in the race. Less the 10 people behind me in line.

So finally, finally, i get in and start doing my business, when the old churning belly feeling kicks in and i realize it's better here then down my shorts in three miles sooo....a little bit more time to my stay....


So now, i'm out hitting the streets again and noticing i'm with the 5:30 pace group.

It may have been a little earlier then expected, but i put the hammer down there. I ran, i had 12 minutes to make up, and thank god, 24 miles to do it in. But, hell, i just had a long break i was good to bust out the longer strides. Plus, there seemed to be a little added bounce in my step.

Being a sub 9 minute miler,it feels great when running with people over 10 minute mile. I felt like i was flying passed people. For the next 18 miles, ran at 8:40 per mile.

I estimate my pace time was increased by 25 seconds, due to the stop.

My goal, make up enough time to be halfway at 2:10, which i did, and finish with a 2:00 second half. I was real close.

At the 12-13 mile marker i ran in front of the 4:30 pace leader. That was a great feeling.

Anyway, thanks Bob, for hoping i was helping another runner at the start. i wish it was the case.

Plus, although i think i may have finished under 4 hours, it's hard to say because i was so focused on slowly picking up time. i might not have pushed so hard had i not had to stop.

Regardless, the race was amazing.

So eventually more details will follow as i get some pictures to post as well.

More less embarrassing details, This tops it for me.

Thanks for reading

Monday, October 23, 2006


START 5K 10K 15K 20K HALF 25K
8:16:49 AM CST 0:40:31 1:07:54 1:35:59 2:03:47 2:09:40 2:31:08
30K 35K 40K Finnish
2:59:24 3:28:18 3:58:04 4:10:17

TIME Chip Time: 4:10:17 Clock: 4:28:06 Pace: 9:32

Placement Overall: 14046 Gender: 9924 Division: 1959

Well there's the Stats and i'm thrilled.

What the heck could've slowed me down the first 5k?

After all the 5k's after that were all the the 27/28 minute range. Then i did slow a little after 30k, but what could it have been?

Why so slow?

More on that later and hopefully a pic or two, Fun Guv'nor got a great one as i finished. So glad to see her and the kids at the end.

Chicago rocked, albeit a little cold. It was amazing. More on this later just wanted to put some stats out.

Thanks for reading...

Any advice on how to change my profile as it no longer should look towards my first marathon. additionally, running the marathon was not the hardest thing i ever did. Those things are being a good husband and father. Funny how 26.2 puts life in persepective

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Since this is most likely my last post to the blog prior to the big run, i have a few housekeeping items.

Bib# 17412

if you care to stalk my progress from afar on Sunday, that will help.

Also if you are unsure of how to stalk my progress, it can be done through the chicago marathon link. See Chicago 05 video at the right side of the screen.

if you need my full name to do so: Michael Passmore

to the RBF'rs: i do look so forward to the chance to see some of you, before and definitely after the big run. If prior to the race i'll be with the chick with all the graffiti on her shirt. i'm wearing blue shirt, grey shorts. White Duct tape spells out MIKE on the front. My 3 children and Fun Guv in white duct tape on the back. i'm still debating on how to throw an old english D on the shirt.

Thanks: last time to thank everybody, regrets if i miss anyone

to the family for their awesome support,
to all my in-laws,
to my extended family, Lisa, Mark, Scott, Tess, Annette, Steve, Drew, Hans, Lori, Lori-O and Gknee - my brothers and sisters from another mother,
to the Steers, King, Nitmos, and Hitman
to the people in the office, Kay, Carey, Janice, Kim, Rick and Mike- your support through this obsession has been tremendous. Mike your coaching has helped in more ways than i can say.
to Marc St Angelo, my college roommate and a tri-athelete
to the people at Hanson's Running for help with shoes and clothes, advice, and belief that i can do this
to Rich Miiller, not a typo that's how it's spelled, for running with me and being a good friend
to the RBF'rs
to Bob for throwing the link together, good luck, run strong, if i have a final kick in me i'll be thinking of you, and you finishing way ahead and hitting your goal
to Runner Girl, your injury and recovery continues to inspire me to do my best
to Barb, Little Ms Jayhawk, aren't you so far removed from your little medical concern a few months back?
to every blogger, i have stalked for advice and support and a good chuckle,
to the Mom's of the Mom 2 Mom website
to the Anchor Bay Rotary Club
to the Bloomfield Hills Local Business Network

If i missed anyone, i'm very sorry. Truthfully, every one i've been in contact with over the past few months should be thanked.

As this is my Debut as a marathoner, thanks for the lingo Bob, i'm very geeked to get underway. i have two planned for next year.

Unless, some tix for the World Series fall in my lap today or tomorrow we leave at 1:30. That is the only thing that can stop me now.

Lastly, in addition to all the people previosly mentioned, people whom i wish i could share this event, but, sadly, can't:

My Mom, Jewell
My Grandfather, Donald
My other brother from another mother, Steve

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wow, it's only a couple days away.

i guess i'm getting real nervous to start the marathon. It's a truly excitement type of nervous energy. Nothing new to marathoners, but new to first timers.

i'm sure i'll finish. Confidence is everything at this point.

It's more like a nervousness of a teenager looking to lose their virginity.

"what'll happen?"
"will i be forever changed?"
"how long will it go?"

More than likely the first marathon will take longer than the act of losing ones virginity.

Hell, the walk from my office to the copy machine takes longer than that act.

And quite honestly, i probably spent the more time training to lose my virginity than i have for the marathon. but that's another issue.

Anyway, i've read that many marathoners experience a brief depression after euphoria of completeing the run. i'm trying to avoid that by downplaying my excitement at this point.

i think that denying myself to feel great, about what i have done so far, has been a mistake.

i have a dear friend who has been prescribed mood levelers for the past few years. i never equated the negative aspect to them. As long as he didn't get real depressed, and potentially do harm to himself, i was happy for him.

We had a brief conversation about a year back and he explained how the down side to mood levelers was that he didn't get to experience the enjoyment while on them. Life on a even keel meant no extreme low moments, but also no extreme high moments of excitement.

How sad. This moment of clarity, and i understood, or emphasized with his ordeal.

Today, i realize, i have done this to my marathon experience. Now this was another moment of clarity, but no more!!!

i'll risk the depression. i know it may come. i am fore-armed for it. bring it!!!

i refuse to let my fears affect my happiness.

This is one of the largest, most prestigous, marathons in the world. i'm thrilled to no end to have the chance to run in it.

i am so glad to have met other runners online, at all levels of support and experience.

i am so thrilled to have the support of my wife, kids , our family, our friends, the lists is too long, but even friends i hadn't seen in years at my reunion offered encouraging words. And these were people that had never seen me when i was waaayy heavy.

So, Lisa, i'm with you. i'm gonna throw my name on my shirt. i welcome the encouraging words of absolute strangers while i run. i'm ready to let my thoughts be consumed with the big run.

i will run strong, finish stronger, and emerge a changed man. a finisher.

Last training run:

yesterday was 3.25 miles. This is the last run as the final two are technically jogs. 23 minutes, fastest time ever. but i refused to slow down cause i wanted to experience pushing through pain.

Chicago...bring it!!!

So today i'm putting in my number one song video to run to.

Heck nobody, really watches the video, it's just a toy for me to play with....

Sorta like training to lose one's virginity....

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Looks like somebody had a little bit of fun at their 20 year high schools reunion!!
And truth be told all these old people graduated from high school together in 1986. What the hell? We don't really look old enough to be 38, do we?
Fine, we do. No reason to placate.

Anyway, allow me to introduce the 1986 senior trombone section. Yep, band geeks. Totally not the coolest area of the school. Now, really it's a little cool to be a chick and play an instrument, but for the fellows... not really.

i wasn't quite Napolean Dynamite, but i was a bit of a lanky, unco-ordinated, pimply, shy, not-too-confident, big Greg Brady fuzzy haired....Crap....Gosh...Idiot....

i think maybe i was Napolean....

Anyway, going left to right we have: Kevin, Missy, yours truly, and Mimi

It was so great to see these guys, and, thanks to modern techno-stuff, so easy to remain in contact now, vs. 10 years ago at the last one. Christ, who even had a cell phone way back then? Let alone email, website, a blog??
This picture was taken shortly after midnite. 10 years ago we posed for a similar picture, and i wanted to recreate it to compare to last reunion. Can't wait for the 25th to do it all again.

i truly had a better time then i anticipated. And big kudo's to my bride. Huge Kudos for doing her best, trophy wife, ratchet up the breast, look hot, yet still remain casual, while we exchanged knowing glances and private mysterious chuckles throughout the evening.

This whole mid-life crisis thing is ruined when you totally love your wife.

So Thanks!!!! Big Thanks also to the organizers of this party!!!! A few people i was actually able to thank in person. If i missed you and you helped in any small way to create a wonderful evening, i so sorry i missed you, but thanks, a million times thanks, my kingdom for a thanks.

Back to Running:Had an absolutely frigid 5 mile run, saturday morning. Wind was out of the west and i ran north and south, in a down and back 5 miles along the west arm of Grand Traverse Bay. The view was wonderful. The constant side wind sucked real bad. At least, i wasn't rained, or shudder, snowed on. 8 more miles, in runs of 3,3 & 2 and bring it chicago. You're gonna be my new bi-otch.

Looks like i'm going to run the Bayshore marathon in TC next spring. A fellow class of 86'er is looking to run his first marathon at this one. 13.1 miles up the Old Mission pennisula and then back. Go figure, i haven't even ran one marathon and i'm looking to help an old friend get ready for his first.

My Bad:Not sure why, but my last post was terrible. Mea Culpa, and i'll try not to do that again. i was in a bit of a hurry, but still wanted to provide some update. Stupid, stupid, stupid combination. i'm still learning and developing my voice. Thanks for staying through the bad posts.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tomorrow is my 20 year high school reunion.

i admit to going as just a curiousity. i really only have stayed in touch with one person from my graduating class. one out of 666, well 665 minus me, hard not to forget a number like that.

Anyway, this should be a fun weekend. Nicely, i should be able to squeeze a little 5 mile run at home out of the weekend.

Today was a bitter 3.5 miles. It's been a while since i bundled up in a sweatshirt and, egad, sweatpants. I even through the hoody on.

Man, it was bitter cold. i ran with the wind in my face for the final mile.

At least i had the headphones on to keep my ears warm.

Moving on the Tigers. i watched most of game one of the NLCS. i'm thinking that if the Tigers get passed the A's or vice versa, either team will destroy the National League Champ.

i normally don't watch the NL but the pitching didn't look great for either team.

And with the average pitching those teams have, only 2 two were produced. What are these teams going to do against either staff of the A's or Tiger's?

Of course, i'll favor seeing the Tigers in the World Series.

Anyway, i'll be away for a few days, enjoy the new video.

Can to see what i'll be doing this weekend? go here

thanks for reading

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bib # 17412

There it is. I'm ready to go.

Today was a nice 5 miler. Of course, it rained and was real windy. My kind of run!!!

A new thing i have just noticed about the taper. It's much less miles, but the intensity is back.

i'm attacking these shorter runs with new intensity i haven't ran with for a month. Oh yes, i ran the long distances and ran them with a slow pace. i felt i needed too. It was most likely the correct way to approach them.

i see now that my fear of the taper wasn't physical. i wasn't going to lose my training by running less. i was afraid of losing my intensity. i started last week with the shorter runs at the same pace as the longer runs. This is where i lost my some emotional attachment to the marathon. In some ways i almost felt like my approach to the taper was sabotaging my ability to finish strong in Chicago.

So, i have made a new effort to attack these new shorter runs. Somewhat out of a new curiosity. If i could run the long runs at a slow pace, where is my short run pace now?

Can i finish my three mile runs under 24 minutes? What about 5 miles under 45?

If i can hit these targets, how do i feel? Am i drained or how much better shape am i in, now that i have completed these long training weeks?

Of course, i don't expect any of these short runs to make a difference in my time next week, but i have found a way that keeps my mind of something other then the big run.

I can now tackle the shorter runs with new intensity. The time is where i want, and my head is back in the game.

I hate to jinx the team but.....

How 'bout them Tigers!!! Bless you boys.

Two quick things on my drastic change of appearance from running:

First, i ran into yet another family member who did not recognize me, and

Second, i fear wearing my wedding ring as it fell off in the office last week, just fell of my finger. How odd, eh?
Fun Guv'nor thinks it's just an excuse not to wear it.

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

North Korea has nucular capability...

we think...maybe.... not confirmed but we're real sure....

the ground shook....they said it a underground testing....

But it makes great press....See we told you....

China Agrees...and they're Commies....

Well, it's good to know we are not going to invade North Korea anytime soon. After all, the American Empire only invades countries without nuclear weapons, not nucular. Shouldn't the leader of the free world, hah free, speak correctly. OK, maybe not a requirement, but a good idea at least.

And China...of course they agree. Aside from the socially repressiveness of China, they are our allies. That country now sees everything in hues of green light. Since China relies so heavily on US dollars to maintain their economy, of course they're gonna pooh pooh North Korea.

Truth is... if you look hard enough...nothing has been verified. It looks like nuclear weapons, N Korea says it has nuclear weapons, and if that country is known for anything...it's truthfulness.

If you look even harder. Conventional weapons can create the same results that N Korea claims are nuclear. The test not as strong as most underground nuclear tests have been. N Korea has already screwed up a rocket launching. Our press has already been misled this year about said failed rocket launch.

Failed or not, the first reports of that rocket launch were that the target was Hawaii. That would have been a blatent act of war. If true, and we all know what happens if you attack Hawaii, support for defending our country would have been extremely strong. A true attack response is a lot different than a pre-emptive war.

Look how we reacted to just the notion of WMDs. ok redundant, but you get the point

But, eventually the truth was a failed rocket launch not aimed at the US. The hoopla died down real quick. We didn't really react.

So, now, hhmmmm, isn't it just as easy to believe that N Korea is basically playing extreme Texas Hold'em with us. They've gone all in, and we're debating on getting a chance to see the river?

There is the same amount of evidence to support that claim as well. It just doesn't make for good copy.

i've been a little critical of Ford Motor recently. Looks like they are getting ready to dump some money into the Livonia plant. Although buyouts are coming, at least it looks like they are not giving up on Michigan completely. Let's hope for more good news.

Lower gas prices may increase sales of trucks and SUVs. Dear Lord, we never learn, do we?

Thanks for reading, again my not so much running stuff today, my running blog

Monday, October 09, 2006

Saturday was my last 10 mile run prior to the marathon.

It was nice out. The weather was perfect. Sunny. Warm. No Wind.

As i ran i encountered more runners than i ever had before. Now 10 miles for most people is a long run. Since this is the taper, i ran easily. It was strong and a consistent run. When i returned home i even mowed some of the lawn before showering. It was such a comfortable run.

i guess the taper has me a little emotionally drained. There was no eagerness to hit the road. i missed the nervousness of making a new long distance and pushing myself. 10 miles is a long way and ask me two months ago and i would have been excited to run it. But Saturday....not so much.... Ho Hum, just another middle distance run.

It was nice to run just to run.

Funny, as i ran i noticed a lot of other runners out. More than i had ever seen. i wonder how many, if any, were doing their big 20 miles for the Detroit marathon one week after the Chicago run?

Anyway, thanks to Lisa, i have a new toy to play with by adding some videos to the blog. A few months back, i blogged about favorite songs to run too. That's what i'm working with as the big run approaches.

There's even a brief running reference in this new one


thanks for reading

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"what a piece of work is man"

-William Shakespeare

The recovery of the body amazes me. Yesterday was a short 5 mile run. i would have thought it would be a little hard after the 20 miles Saturday morning. It wasn't. It was the best 5 miles i ever ran.

Truthfully, i didn't do more than glance at the clock when i headed out. 7:20 something and a quick glance at the clock when i returned, 8:02.

i felt great the entire run and regardless of the clock, there was no lingering pain from Saturdays 20 miles. If anything, i felt stronger with such a short, eek 5 miles...that's short, run.

Anyway, i started this on Tuesday afternoon and am finishing Wednesday evening. Due to a schedule conflict, Tuesdays day of rest became to Wednesday's 10 mile run and today is now a rest day.

Weather wise i am thrilled as today was rainny and chilly. Last nite was perfect, Sunny and 71 out. There's not going to be many more days like this. Glad i was able to enjoy it.

Just some running housekeeping in today's post. i have to finish quick as today starts the NHL season and the Tigers need to get a win tonite.

Crap, and Lost is finally new. To much on....not enough TV's.

Anyone remember the Taxi episode where Reverend Jim worked a ton of OT to buy a wall full of TV's so he could watch every channel at the same time?

thanks for reading this all too dull, just running stuff post.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Look.. if you had.. one shot, or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted.. in one moment Would you capture it.. or just let it slip?"


In this third chapter to what motivates me to run. Please let me throw some housekeeping. Ran my 20 mile run yesterday morning. Started around nine-ish, throw the watch away for the day, finished around 12:20 ish.

Stopped a few times for some scheduled water and pee breaks. It was rainy, again, like every other of the last few Saturdays, and a little chilly. So i started with a sweatshirt over my running shirt. i lubed up with body glide, had an apple, a carb bar, some water and headed out.

Let's just say with the wind, rain, and having a short 4 mile training run the night before. i am tired. i am really sore. The rain and having wet sweatshirt must have washed to lube away, as my thighs are raw, and i finally got to experience a shower with a raw, bloody nipple.

i got to say, not a big fan of this experience, the shower. The run though was great. i think a couple weeks of taper and recovery and i am ready to go for chicago.

Kudos to Lisa for her great run as well. First of many marathons?

Let me finish this little extended thought my typing that my motivation for running this first marathon is me.

i want to do for myself
i want to do it to show my children they can do anything they set their minds too
i want to push myself, physically and emotionally, harder than i ever have
i want to live in the moment and take the risk
i wnat to do the homework, follow the plan, and rely on a little faith to help me through rough times
i want to compete with myself and do better than i credit myself
i want to finish and realize that i have done something that most people would never attempt
i want to finish and know that i did my best on that particular day
i want to finish

i'm not sure if this really answers what motivates me.

But i hope this helps understand what influences me

"So here I go it's my shot, feet fail me not
This may be the only opportunity that I got


thanks again for reading