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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"what a piece of work is man"

-William Shakespeare

The recovery of the body amazes me. Yesterday was a short 5 mile run. i would have thought it would be a little hard after the 20 miles Saturday morning. It wasn't. It was the best 5 miles i ever ran.

Truthfully, i didn't do more than glance at the clock when i headed out. 7:20 something and a quick glance at the clock when i returned, 8:02.

i felt great the entire run and regardless of the clock, there was no lingering pain from Saturdays 20 miles. If anything, i felt stronger with such a short, eek 5 miles...that's short, run.

Anyway, i started this on Tuesday afternoon and am finishing Wednesday evening. Due to a schedule conflict, Tuesdays day of rest became to Wednesday's 10 mile run and today is now a rest day.

Weather wise i am thrilled as today was rainny and chilly. Last nite was perfect, Sunny and 71 out. There's not going to be many more days like this. Glad i was able to enjoy it.

Just some running housekeeping in today's post. i have to finish quick as today starts the NHL season and the Tigers need to get a win tonite.

Crap, and Lost is finally new. To much on....not enough TV's.

Anyone remember the Taxi episode where Reverend Jim worked a ton of OT to buy a wall full of TV's so he could watch every channel at the same time?

thanks for reading this all too dull, just running stuff post.


Gknee said...

Tivo....Join the Tivolution!!

Mike said...

a great option, but with my schedule i'd end with a few months of nothing to watch in Tivo.

Don't you have an old one sitting around collecting dust? Care to part with it?

Lisa said...

Isn't the taper wonderful? I'm sure you'll thank her as it continues.

As for TV, do as Jeanne has done. Get a TIVO. You'll love it. I wish we had one. I'm still workin' on Mark to get one, but so far, no go.

Mike said...


the taper is wonderful. i only have one 10 mile run left. The next longest after saturday is 5 miles.

Bring on the windy city