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Monday, October 09, 2006

Saturday was my last 10 mile run prior to the marathon.

It was nice out. The weather was perfect. Sunny. Warm. No Wind.

As i ran i encountered more runners than i ever had before. Now 10 miles for most people is a long run. Since this is the taper, i ran easily. It was strong and a consistent run. When i returned home i even mowed some of the lawn before showering. It was such a comfortable run.

i guess the taper has me a little emotionally drained. There was no eagerness to hit the road. i missed the nervousness of making a new long distance and pushing myself. 10 miles is a long way and ask me two months ago and i would have been excited to run it. But Saturday....not so much.... Ho Hum, just another middle distance run.

It was nice to run just to run.

Funny, as i ran i noticed a lot of other runners out. More than i had ever seen. i wonder how many, if any, were doing their big 20 miles for the Detroit marathon one week after the Chicago run?

Anyway, thanks to Lisa, i have a new toy to play with by adding some videos to the blog. A few months back, i blogged about favorite songs to run too. That's what i'm working with as the big run approaches.

There's even a brief running reference in this new one


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Lisa said...

Yeah, who would have thought that we'd ever say that 10 miles was "ho-hum"...

Are you carrying your MP3 player with you? I think I am...I may need it for the final push.

Mike said...

Since you do not have your booklet and bib # yet;

Not allowed for the safety of other runners

Besides the roar of the crowd will carry you through.

And you would have to turn up the volume too high to hear anything.

Nitmos said...

I was planning to carry my MP3 (even though it was against the rules - I'm told nobody actually enforces this) but I think, with the number of entertainment stages along the course, I'll just take in the sights/sounds. There is supposed to be a band at each of the final 5 miles. Plus, you don't want to miss out on the encouraging words from the other runners and spectators.

Lisa said...

I've heard that a vast multitude of people will be carrying their MP3 player. I'm bringing it just in case I decide to have it. Rather be safe than sorry...