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Monday, October 23, 2006


START 5K 10K 15K 20K HALF 25K
8:16:49 AM CST 0:40:31 1:07:54 1:35:59 2:03:47 2:09:40 2:31:08
30K 35K 40K Finnish
2:59:24 3:28:18 3:58:04 4:10:17

TIME Chip Time: 4:10:17 Clock: 4:28:06 Pace: 9:32

Placement Overall: 14046 Gender: 9924 Division: 1959

Well there's the Stats and i'm thrilled.

What the heck could've slowed me down the first 5k?

After all the 5k's after that were all the the 27/28 minute range. Then i did slow a little after 30k, but what could it have been?

Why so slow?

More on that later and hopefully a pic or two, Fun Guv'nor got a great one as i finished. So glad to see her and the kids at the end.

Chicago rocked, albeit a little cold. It was amazing. More on this later just wanted to put some stats out.

Thanks for reading...

Any advice on how to change my profile as it no longer should look towards my first marathon. additionally, running the marathon was not the hardest thing i ever did. Those things are being a good husband and father. Funny how 26.2 puts life in persepective


Lisa said...

You rocked your first mary. I am so proud of you. Thanks so much for sharing the experience with me.

Also, thanks for keeping me under control when the tears started to flow at the start.

That's what friends are for. (No, I'm not going to break into Dionne's song).

You ARE the man!!

Bob said...

If I am getting this picture correctly I think I might have an idea. My guess is you helped a friend get started first and then maybe helped someone struggling at the end. Just a guess answer to your questions. Looking forward to the details.

runnergirl said...

Great job. Looking forward to more details!