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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Since this is most likely my last post to the blog prior to the big run, i have a few housekeeping items.

Bib# 17412

if you care to stalk my progress from afar on Sunday, that will help.

Also if you are unsure of how to stalk my progress, it can be done through the chicago marathon link. See Chicago 05 video at the right side of the screen.

if you need my full name to do so: Michael Passmore

to the RBF'rs: i do look so forward to the chance to see some of you, before and definitely after the big run. If prior to the race i'll be with the chick with all the graffiti on her shirt. i'm wearing blue shirt, grey shorts. White Duct tape spells out MIKE on the front. My 3 children and Fun Guv in white duct tape on the back. i'm still debating on how to throw an old english D on the shirt.

Thanks: last time to thank everybody, regrets if i miss anyone

to the family for their awesome support,
to all my in-laws,
to my extended family, Lisa, Mark, Scott, Tess, Annette, Steve, Drew, Hans, Lori, Lori-O and Gknee - my brothers and sisters from another mother,
to the Steers, King, Nitmos, and Hitman
to the people in the office, Kay, Carey, Janice, Kim, Rick and Mike- your support through this obsession has been tremendous. Mike your coaching has helped in more ways than i can say.
to Marc St Angelo, my college roommate and a tri-athelete
to the people at Hanson's Running for help with shoes and clothes, advice, and belief that i can do this
to Rich Miiller, not a typo that's how it's spelled, for running with me and being a good friend
to the RBF'rs
to Bob for throwing the link together, good luck, run strong, if i have a final kick in me i'll be thinking of you, and you finishing way ahead and hitting your goal
to Runner Girl, your injury and recovery continues to inspire me to do my best
to Barb, Little Ms Jayhawk, aren't you so far removed from your little medical concern a few months back?
to every blogger, i have stalked for advice and support and a good chuckle,
to the Mom's of the Mom 2 Mom website
to the Anchor Bay Rotary Club
to the Bloomfield Hills Local Business Network

If i missed anyone, i'm very sorry. Truthfully, every one i've been in contact with over the past few months should be thanked.

As this is my Debut as a marathoner, thanks for the lingo Bob, i'm very geeked to get underway. i have two planned for next year.

Unless, some tix for the World Series fall in my lap today or tomorrow we leave at 1:30. That is the only thing that can stop me now.

Lastly, in addition to all the people previosly mentioned, people whom i wish i could share this event, but, sadly, can't:

My Mom, Jewell
My Grandfather, Donald
My other brother from another mother, Steve

Thanks for reading


Mike said...

i forgot a few people:

Gary, my little
Shelly, his wife
Tyler, my godchild, d'oh sorry

there may be more

Lisa said...

Awwww, shucks...this taper makes me wicked emotional. I got the biggest lump in my throat.


Gknee said...

Man I wish I could come give you a huge hug. So very proud!

Animal said...

Hey bro...

Run strong...
Run like the wind...
Enjoy the SHIT out of your day!
Love you!


Bob said...

Nice work Mike, looks like you got hung up a bit at the start but ran nice even splits after. Four hours was obviously in your wheel house. Especially when you negative split it by what.....almost nine minutes! I know you finished with a nice strong kick up that incredible finishing stretch.

Anonymous said...

Wow Mike, it is interesting what youcan find out about yourself when you google your own name.

Congrats on your marathon! I can't beleive that you did it. Next thing you know, Murph, The King, Pete, Chilly Willy and Frank will be running them too!

Dude, cut out the smokes!!!!

Last January (2006), after taking off 15 years from running, I got back into it, and peeled off a 3:54 marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. in Ocotber. I am training for the Gainesville Marathon in Febuary, hoping to go faster than 3:40.

Get in touch with me STANGEM at CCI dot ORG