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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Now that i've hit the most embarrassing moments....

Let's go over the best moments:

Wrigleyville....heard a local pep band playing the Superman Overture... how cool was that?

Old Town Chicago.... next huge crowd, crowds were large almost the whole route, but this was another level

Passing the 4:30 group leader...this was tough, lots of folks in this group, but at the 12 mile mark, i had visual evidence of making up time from my #1/#2 break at the two mile mark


.....A picture says a thousand words

Somewhere around 16 or 17 miles when i realized i wasn't tired yet. This was an great moment for me. My strides were long and even, great breathing still. i thought i would be hurting but wasn't...yet

Little Italy, again huge crowds, not as big as Old Town but a great boost, which led to...

Mexican Town, a little bigger crowds, a little louder, another boost, neat moment...guy with tequila shots, with all the fixin's, i admit to being tempted, but no, not today

30K mark...

Again 1000 words here

About here a stitch started but i wasn't going to stop until 20 miles, and
rest doesn't really make a stitch go away, keep going then...

Chinatown, loudest crowds, rowdiest excited folks yet. Funny how the stitch went away here, never to be felt again

Around mile 22 i took my first walk break through a water station, i had slowed down a little at the others this was my first stop to walk. It felt good

The last 800 meters was phenomenal. The roar of the crowd, the excitement. Finding an extra boost of energy, high five-ing spectators. And as i approached the last 200 meters, and was beginning to lose steam, i saw the best site of the entire 26.2

Lisa, MacKenzie and Jimmy in the stands.

i never thought i would see them.

What a boost, crowds and cheers be damned!!

i swear i ran in a vaccum the last 100 meters

Lisa was able to snap this picture at the end.

Then it was time to revel in the moment. Get my mylar blanket and medal, a rub-down and a frothy beverage.
What a day!!!

of course, best shared with friends and family...

Nitmos and i

and with Mac

Thanks for Reading
Next final thoughts after the Big Run


Nitmos said...

Great, great job on the run! A 4:10? When you just started running 10 months ago? Unbelievable. Looks like there are two other Steers missing from that photo. We'll have to turn up the pressure.

I'm looking at Bayshore or Flying Pig next and leaning 60/40 towards Bayshore. I've vowed to decide by the time our Lions lose 10 games.

Enjoy some well earned rest...but don't get too comfortable NOT running. This is the start of something not the end.

Lisa said...

Great report...love the pics, too.

Psssst...I think we should all do the Flying Pig in Cincinnati in May. I've heard it's a great one. ;)

Bob said...

Love the photos, what a great run you had. Thanks for sharing.

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Great job buddy. It was great to meet you the other night at the RBF gathering

Arcaner said...

I love that finish line picture!

runnergirl said...

Great job! Love the pics.

Animal said...

Yeah, I gotta go with the majority here: Lisa, you took some GREAT photos, and Mike, it's fantastic to see you having such a great time. Woooo!

Lisa said...

Thanks Scott, I'd love to take credit, but I only took the larger pictures. The others were "lifted" from Marathon Foto...guess that's why their the professionals, they take good shots.

Mark said...

Great job Mike. And to do it in the time you did, WOW! A Marathon isn't on my agenda. My Dr. would hand me a gun and ask Who's going to pull the trigger? The Mark 5K will do for now.
See ya

Running Rabbit said...

Baby doll...where are the AFTER party pics???