"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wow, it's only a couple days away.

i guess i'm getting real nervous to start the marathon. It's a truly excitement type of nervous energy. Nothing new to marathoners, but new to first timers.

i'm sure i'll finish. Confidence is everything at this point.

It's more like a nervousness of a teenager looking to lose their virginity.

"what'll happen?"
"will i be forever changed?"
"how long will it go?"

More than likely the first marathon will take longer than the act of losing ones virginity.

Hell, the walk from my office to the copy machine takes longer than that act.

And quite honestly, i probably spent the more time training to lose my virginity than i have for the marathon. but that's another issue.

Anyway, i've read that many marathoners experience a brief depression after euphoria of completeing the run. i'm trying to avoid that by downplaying my excitement at this point.

i think that denying myself to feel great, about what i have done so far, has been a mistake.

i have a dear friend who has been prescribed mood levelers for the past few years. i never equated the negative aspect to them. As long as he didn't get real depressed, and potentially do harm to himself, i was happy for him.

We had a brief conversation about a year back and he explained how the down side to mood levelers was that he didn't get to experience the enjoyment while on them. Life on a even keel meant no extreme low moments, but also no extreme high moments of excitement.

How sad. This moment of clarity, and i understood, or emphasized with his ordeal.

Today, i realize, i have done this to my marathon experience. Now this was another moment of clarity, but no more!!!

i'll risk the depression. i know it may come. i am fore-armed for it. bring it!!!

i refuse to let my fears affect my happiness.

This is one of the largest, most prestigous, marathons in the world. i'm thrilled to no end to have the chance to run in it.

i am so glad to have met other runners online, at all levels of support and experience.

i am so thrilled to have the support of my wife, kids , our family, our friends, the lists is too long, but even friends i hadn't seen in years at my reunion offered encouraging words. And these were people that had never seen me when i was waaayy heavy.

So, Lisa, i'm with you. i'm gonna throw my name on my shirt. i welcome the encouraging words of absolute strangers while i run. i'm ready to let my thoughts be consumed with the big run.

i will run strong, finish stronger, and emerge a changed man. a finisher.

Last training run:

yesterday was 3.25 miles. This is the last run as the final two are technically jogs. 23 minutes, fastest time ever. but i refused to slow down cause i wanted to experience pushing through pain.

Chicago...bring it!!!

So today i'm putting in my number one song video to run to.

Heck nobody, really watches the video, it's just a toy for me to play with....

Sorta like training to lose one's virginity....

Thanks for reading.


Lisa said...

Revel in the joy, roll around in the sheer happiness that is the marathon and all that comes with it.

I'm happy to share the experience with you.

Also happy to know you'll put your name on your shirt.

I'd hate to have people shout,

"Go, whatever-your-name-is, go!"

Nitmos said...

Let's do it! I'm pumped!! Once you finish, you will always be a marathoner. No matter what. After Sunday, you will have completed a true physical and mental challenge.

"What's done cannot be undone." - Shakespeare from Macbeth

See you in Chicago.

Bob said...

That post had me laughing out loud. Very funny.
I think you have the right attitude. Enjoy your hard work, I think the post race let down comes more from the weeks and weeks of focus and the "now what" question. Kind of like wanting to go to sleep after "practicing"

Oh and best of luck Mike I know you will do splendidly and I hope I get to witness that super Kick of yours crossing the finish line. :)

yumke said...

Well said.. I can't think of anything after the finish line cause all my energy is getting to the starting line.. you will rock chicago!

Arcaner said...

Ha Ha. We're all nervous. Live in the moment and play up your accomplishments.

Gknee said...

Have I mentioned lately that I'm so proud of you. I was talking to Lisa today and she is so pumped up today.

As I told her earlier today, you are a winner already just for doing this. I'm impressed..even a bit jealous :) but good jealous. Although I can't be there physically I will be tracking you and cheering in my heart.

Love you big guy!