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Monday, October 30, 2006

Final Post First Marathon Thoughts:

First let's say after thinking about the marathon for the last week, i am hooked. Marathoning is a blast, i can't wait to do more. What will be next? Not sure yet, but soon i'll have a plan. RR makes a strong argument for the Flying Pig, and since i might be able to run at her pace, i could spend 26.2 running 5-10 feet behind her. It might just be the best thing to see in Cincy.

Second, we already have room reservations for Chicago next year, but i would like to do a spring marathon as well.

Third, prior to the big run, when Lisa and i were saying good-bye to our sig. others, Fun Guv'nor gave me a hug and a kiss, told me to run strong and then said something i've never heard from her. "i'm proud of you."

This is something i've never heard before. We kiss and hug and say we love each other daily, that's not new. But that she was proud of me. i think more than anything, that statement carried me through any pain i felt during the big run. Thank you, i'm proud of you too, for so many things and i'm sorry i've never told you.

Fourth, meeting all the other RBF'ers at the post race party. What a thrill, thanks Barb for doing the leg work. Thanks to all the other bloggers for being there. And to those of you bloggers who couldn't, 1000 lashes with a wet noodle. You were missed, but i hope you felt the great vibe generated by all the positive thoughts from the meetup, as you made your way home from Chicago.

Fifth, i went for a run Wednesday after the big run. It was a simple little 4 miler. Mostly i ran to work out the kinks left over from acid built up in my joints. It was great to hit the road again. After all, I'M A MARATHONER, it's what we do. WE RUN

Sixth, i need to spend a little time on updating the look of the blog. So rehabbing it may take some time, it may be a longer time between post. Please stick around as i make some subtle changes.

Lastly, i could go on forever with my thoughts of the big run, but i need to stop. Content wise, the blog will remain the same. Thoughts of a runner as he trains for life as a runner, peppered with whatever strikes my muse that day.

Thanks again for reading


lisa said...

Excellent thoughts...

Please, please run the Pig with us. We must continue to run our marathons together. :)

yumke said...

Look forward to following along!

Bob said...

Looks like Mike is having lots of "thoughts". Good luck with whatever you decide.

The Absent Minded Landlord said...

YEAH!!!! Hell yeah it will be fun...and Mike, my dear Mike...would you expect anything less than fun being with me, now that you have seen me in person? So can I move you to my "Pig Pen" on my blog then?? :-) You'll join me?

And as for the view...I don't know about that one...but whatever gets your heart racing...and you to that finish line, so be it baby!

Running Rabbit said...

OM FUCKING GOD! Mike that aforementioned comment is from ME, NOT my hubby! Clearly I did not realize he was logged in and I can NOT take the dame thing off!! Jesus Fucking Christ! Don't hate me baby doll... ;-)

runnergirl said...

Sounds like you are hooked! I hope we can meet up at a race one of these days. I'd love to meet ya!