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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So a little construction. No major changes. Just moving and adding and updating my profile.

It's not done yet, but soon.

Anyway, here's the deal.

Flying Pig Marathon is my 12th anniversary, ooops. I mean c'mon 12 in a row, that's the sweaty sock year right???

Now Fun' Guv'nor is totally cool with the occasional running weekends, and believe me, would normally love a weekend someplace new, yeah stunning Cincy, whoo hooo, how 'bout a tour of WKRP, oops tours, that was York PA.

Another positive, ok the only positive to missing the flying pig, is that i would most likely spend the entire weekend singing that damn theme song.....

Baby, if you ever wondered, ....wondered.... whatever became of me, I'm living on the air.....

Oh yeah, someone get me a pickaxe to take out my minds ear.

But stinky runners not quite = romance, Cause i'm such a romantic

Anyway can we make a marathon weekend hold a little romance? Probably not.....

But if everyone pleads with her, she needs validation too, RR.

So it may be the Bayshore

Anyway more to come, still a little dust and sawdust around the keyboard from the rehab

thanks for reading


Arcaner said...

Now you got that WKRP song running though my head. BOOGER!

Running Rabbit said...

WHAT!?! No flying pig?? I can think of TONS of ways to add romance to your weekend! HUSTLER store for one! Come on Mike...I'll watch the kids for you one night so you can be alone. It will so be worth it. Don't make me beg!!! :-)

Lisa said...

Romance is what you make of it. Mark and I consider being together gift enough. C'mon...just go.

runnergirl said...

I'm sure it'll workout, whatever you decide.

If you do Bayshore, I may see you there. I'm seriously considering running it, but the half not the full. It depends on what else I end up doing and on my ankle recovery.

Animal said...

Yeah...thanks for the damn mental load of the WKRP theme. Tool.