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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Confession of a Running Blogger
i'm not a gear-head. When it comes to my car and motorcycle, i usually have someone who is handy work on my machines. However, there is one thing i learned about engines when deciding on new pipes for the Harley. See, baffles not only restrict noise but also the air flow, hence loud pipes for after market piping, and so loud pipes do more than save lives, people may not see me, they will hear me. Loud Pipes provide speed.
If any machine is to operate faster. The faster air goes in, and the faster air goes out; the faster the machine.
Well, in this 101st post of my running thoughts of a runner, i've got to come clean to those who read this blog and do not realize that i started running, trained for a marathon, and completed a marathon while maintaining about a half a pack a day smoking habit.
It was just easier to keep smoking.
I remember a college vocal professor had a hand written sign posted on his office door. I never took music classes, but was a member of the music fraternity, ...sad....but social. Anyway, the sign read...
"you can be a smoker who sings, but you can't be a singer who smokes"
I guess some of that statement rings true, cause today i feel like a smoker who runs...
So i am in day 2, of not smoking. Day one was easy, today is a little rough. A big question right now. Is my addiction stronger than my commitment to running faster?
Holy Death Wish vs. Life Wish Scenario Bat-Freud!!!
Anyway, wish me luck, Great American Smoke Out is right around the corner.
Thanks for reading


Gknee said...

good luck to you. I know you can do this. I don't miss it. Wait..that's not true..I miss the social aspect of going out for a smoke with others but I don't miss anything else about it.

Mike said...

thanks Gknee

Mike said...


Nitmos sent me an email. Here's a brief highlite.

"Good luck with quitting...No doubt there will be some mental battles and wins and losses along the way. If you keep up your physical training, I have no doubt you'll start winning the mental battles regularly as you won't accept anything less. Before long, you'll be a marathoner who also conquered smoking."

It was a little wordy to put the whole thing in.


Mark said...

Ah, smoking. Yup, was once a smoker. I was going to quit in Basic Training, but, found out smokers have privliges. So, I waited till Jan. 2nd, 1985. Couldn't quit the 1st, to hungover, needed a cig! Only once has a cig touched these lips since. that was to light one up for a woman, and I told her I would NEVER do it again. So it's been over 20 years, and I have no intention of every touching one again. I stopped a few times before, but, I'd always figure I could have one, but, one led to another, and so on. I'm telling you this so that you won't make the mistakes I've made. Maybe you can have one, I won't take that chance.
Good luck Mike, a wise choice.

L*I*S*A said...

As a former smoker and someone who has still had one in years past (but hates it nonetheless), the sheer thought of smoking scares the shit out of me nowadays.

I just spent the entire day surrounded by some people who were/are directly affected by smoking.

As a hopeful nurse, trust me, it's not worth it. The price is much too high.

Other thoughts:

1. They stink
2. then YOU stink
3. doesn't do anything good for teeth
4. it's expensive
5. smokers pretty much have no rights.

You can do this.

Gknee said...

...how much do Cigs cost now? Think of the money you'll save. I don't think I paid more then $2.00 for a pack.

Bob said...

Dude I never knew, do they make you want to eat raw pumpkin guts to wash the taste out of you mouth.

Good luck with quitting, if you can train for a marathon you can quit smoking. Don't be afraid to try one of those patch things or gum. Cold turkey is tough. We are here to help.

Holly said...

Good for you Mike, it takes alot of will power but you can do it! Now that I am a non-smoker I can say that when smoker walks by it is the worst smell ever and I am so glad that people can't think that of me.

Good luck and hey even if you do fall off the horse, just brush it off and get right back on, you will thank yourself one day for it!

Running Rabbit said...

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! You trained and DID well at Chicago and SMOKED? My mouth is wide open...and NO not for a BJ. I am amazed. How the hell do your lungs feel?