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Monday, November 13, 2006

Well...i had planned on detailing the factors that helped determine that the Flying Pig just will not work this spring. And i was hoping to do so in as diplomatic way as i could, to not incur the wRath of a Running Rabbit, 3R's, appropriate for referring to a school teacher, eh?

Since L*I*S*A let the news out, let me at least confirm that i will be unable to fly with the piggies this spring.

Two huge factors weigh real heavy. First, it is Fun Guv'nor, names ringing a little truer now, lol, and lowly little me, Mr Man,'s 12th anniversary of at least 4 or 5 years of happily being married,... to each other,... in a row

so that's a biggie. it really is and she did not ask me not to run in Cincy. But since she's just starting to run i don't want to burn her out with another big marathon.

The other factor is my daughter, Allison, whom i rarely get to see. She lives up north in the Traverse City area. Since the Bayshore is on Memorial Day weekend, it gives me an extra day in the oh so few and far between weekends and moments we get to spend together.

Now i'm not saying this is written in stone, but it most likely will not be my year to fly with the pigs. And of course, i reserve the right to have strange things happen which will allow for a change. It's my perogative...not as a woman, but as Bobby Brown!!! Not sure what this means, just go with it.

Another thing. L*I*S*A, great???? minds must think alike. So i'm thinking of updating my video's with some home grown Michiganders. And i think "turn the page"!!! Great tune. Bob Seger... Then i see the update of her blog. Good call, but...since i didn't want to appear redundant...or stalker-like...at a whole different twisted level beyond Blogshere,... Let's go with another not so recognized as a Detroiter, but really it makes sense if you've ever visited here... IGGY POP!!!

Next Posts.... Real appropriate if you know what Wednesday is....if not...good for you...besides the first day of Deer Season..... Confession of a Running Blogger!!!

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L*I*S*A said...

I'll miss you at the Pig. Boo hoo. You two had better do something BIG for the anniversary if you're missing it for just that occasion.

I mean it.