"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Monday, April 13, 2009


Sometimes I really wonder about my husband. I swear, he can get away with just about anything ~ you wouldn't believe the movies and/or TV shows that he introduces my family to...

Yesterday evening we went to my dad's house to celebrate Easter & Jimmy's birthday. We had a great time hanging out and visiting, my grandma was there too...most of our friends have met her, she's a fun lady to hang out with.

Later on in the evening, after Mack had made us all watch Twilight ~ Jimmy was the smart one and hung out downstairs playing the Wii ~ we determined that Desperate Housewives was going to be a rerun. Mike piped up that it was the season finale of Rock of Love Bus at 9pm so he promptly found VH1 on their TV and settled in to watch it ~ he loves the show for the train wreck that it is.

He explained to my grandmother that it was like the bachelor, but a bit more sleezy. Ya think? Grandma really seemed to get into it. It was very interesting to hear her take on everything...she was not impressed with Bret Michaels at all ~ she thought they should be competing for a far better looking prize! Of course the sleezy outfits and fake boobs didn't impress her either. She completely understood the whole train wreck aspect of it though.

In the last 30 minutes or so my father joined the gathering in front of the TV, so now I'm spending Easter watching the ultimate in white trash TV with my dad, my grandma, my step-mom and my husband....how can it be any better? My dad found the whole thing amusing too, needless to say. It truly did end up being one of those shows that's fun to make fun of with a group while watching.

Oh, but wait it did get better....

Suddenly a commercial comes on and I swear I died and went straight to HELL!!!!

What better crowd to watch this commercial with than your dad, your step-mom and your grandma????? We all died with laughter and I swear my face was beet red!

Guess this is an Easter gathering we won't soon be forgetting huh?