"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hello, Fun Guv here. Since Mike has been too busy with work and everything else to post in almost a month I figured I'd pop in here really quick and try to make up for it...just don't expect too much, he's the writer/creative one in this relationship.

First, the job:

So far so good. He's been putting in a ton of hours and he hit his first goal a whole month early (yeah Mike!). That certainly means he can't/won't let up in the pursuit of new clients. Actually he is out there today in the -10 degree wind chill and high winds...it's got to be about 30-40 MPH out there...door knocking! Now that is dedication.

Second, running:

He's still been putting in the miles most nights he's home. Monday he was able to go for a nice, enjoyable 7 mile run outside. He loved it. Not sure about times, but he was quite happy when he got home. Otherwise he's been hitting the treadmill faithfully. Marathon training starts for him again in a couple of weeks ~ he'll have to fill in the details on that ~ he's planning on doing the Bayshore for his spring marathon.

Finally, family:

He's actually had a little time here and there at home to vege out. Mainly though with the kids while I still work my crappy part-time job. They've all been kicking butt on Guitar Hero III ~ Jimmy is always up for a battle. He's also taught the kids how to play poker. Jimmy is completely obsessed with it now. On the way home from catechism last night Jimmy explained the entire game to me, how to check, how to bet, when and why to fold, and all the possible winning hands you can have. Just wait til he's old enough to hit the casinos!

We've been doing the whole extra-curricular thing too. Jimmy's cub scout meetings, Mack's band concert (that was a treat to the ears!), tennis lessons have started up again ~ exciting 2 hours for us every Friday night at the tennis club, and friends birthday parties (Mike attended both last week and hung out and chatted with the moms as I had to work during one of them).

I promise I will try to get him to sit down at the computer and put down his own thoughts...I know there is a lot brewing up there inside his head. Though it may be a few more days, he's got a Chamber of Commerce function tonight and of course the new season of Lost starts tomorrow - can't miss that!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The house is normal again.

The lights are down and put away till Thanksgiving '08. Yippee!!!!

i gotta say i am bummed to learn it appears a blogger/spammer jumped on to my comments area from the last post. My apologies, if anybody saw this. Truthfully, i am not afraid of a little advertising and would gladly promote anybody's legitimate relationship based work/career/business as somebody bitten by the self-employed bug....fer instance check out the little "linked in" button but....

just tell me first and let me decide if i think it is appropriate.... like....

need a flute player for a Jethro Tull tribute band????....i gotta guy for you.

Anyway, back to the lights, i love how the house feels bigger without a tree in the middle of the largest room in the house.

and speaking, err, typing of houses. Rarely has my blog drifted into humanitarian thing, but as a rotarian it is soetimes hard to explain what Rotary International does and why me, an self-admitted liberal joined what is commonly preceived as a business persons lunch group...

Please take three minutes, and this will help explain....

Unfortunately, the video doesn't go into details about what is in the box other than a 10 person tent. Water purification tablets, blankets, tools, multi-fuel portable stove, utensils, even small books and crayons for children are included, the actual box itself is a great storage unit and is also water-tight.

Shelterboxes are used worldwide regardless of political or religious views. Where a need exist, even in the Untied States after Katrina to provide relief while people waited for their FEMA trailers.

Anyway, back to the more cynical stuff later and maybe a post about fitness.

Thanks for reading