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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nope, it's just me...Fun Guv

Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that Mike is still alive, he did survive the marathon last Saturday. Unfortunately real life has gotten in the way of him posting his recap.

The Bayshore Bandit caught on film...

**Photos compliments of Running Fit. Unfortunately these are all I have since our dear son knocked my camera to the cement minutes after arriving at the finish line area and broke it.

After travelling home on Sunday, he spent all of Monday doing yard work and readying the pool for the summer. Too bad Michigan can't figure out when summer will actually arrive, these October feeling mornings in May have got to go. Tuesday he toiled away at the office and then came home just in time to head out to coach Jimmy's baseball game. Tonight he's meeting a client and I don't expect him til after 8:30, not sure if he'll jump on then or not. Tomorrow night holds another baseball game (and the Lost season finale...ugh!), Friday night a middle school band ice cream social/fund raiser, Saturday an all day boy scout activity up at Metamora State Park (we should be camping the whole weekend with the rest of the Pack, but who has time for that?) So maybe Sunday when he's done cutting the grass again he'll sneak on and give a race report.

Or, maybe I'll sit him down and force him a little sooner than that...though the Pistons & Wings play again tonight don't they?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Taper Madness...

First things, Tange wanted to know what I was going to do to gear up for the big run this weekend. Only way a Steer can gear up for the big game, and that's by listening to this.

That said...the obligatory goals for the weekend. After running a 22:02 3-miler today

1. Get a PR
2. Run fast, real fast
3. Finish
4. Get a BQ, could be a reach, most running calculations indicate a 3:30-3:35 finish time. Oh well, still a PR

Coach says the goal is to hit 20 miles in 2:30 to BQ. could be a stretch, but I'm still not sure what the adrenaline of the day will bring. Today's short run was 3 miles, first at 7:36, second at 7:22 and third at 7:07. I seem to be pretty quick.

Anyways, that's all for now. Dancing with the Stars start in 15 minutes and I love Cheryl. Followed by the new Bachelorette, which isn't my first choice, the Bachelor is, but I still watch for Fun Guv. De'Anna seems/looks nice until she opens her mouth. Oh God! I know her name...I swear I'm not gay. But I did watch the season she was on the Bachelor...only to be jilted at the final rose ceremony.... It was the most dramatic rose ceremony ever.

By the way, did anyone see Def Leppard perform on Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show a couple of weeks ago? Man those guys are looking old. (now you know why I don't update here very often)

And maybe, during commercials I'll get to flip over to Vs. and watch the Wings.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sorry bout the rash of posts lately...

but i had to throw todays stats for the last 12 miler before the bayshore

mile 1.....7:58 cu 7:58
Mile 2....7:54 15:52
mile 3....7:43 23:35
Mile 4....7:40 31:15
mile 5....7:43 38:58
mile 6....7:45 46:43
mile 7....7:44 54:27
mile 8....7:51 1:02:18
mile 9....7:51 1:10:09
mile 10...8:02 1:18:10
mile11...8:14 1:26:25
mile 12...8:12 1:34:37

1:34:37....not bad for a blustery....rainy day

it was a big circle, 3 miles into the wind, 6 not, 3 into the wind at the end.....serious pickup in wind at the end.....rain started to fall at mile 6.

My personal goal for this run was 1:36:00, i just wanted to finish a major long run under a 8 minute pace.

Now the taper can begin.....i have every other day runs scheduled for the next two weeks until the bayshore.

With the exception of wishing i was a few lbs lighter, and really i have no one to blame but me, i think i am ready.

thanks for reading

Ah yes, a ribbon cutting picture. Notice i inluded Fun Guv, as it's a family team effort. Chamber pictures of the grand "re"-opening, with a county commisioner and a township trustee assisting with cut.

One democrat and one republican, as i reach across aisles and bring both sides together in a common photo op. Vote for Mike '12, i think i just needed more time to make vote for mike '08 a reality.....

First, find a minister.....then do background check on minister.

Anyway.....Happy Mom's Day.....those of you who can call her up or give her a quick hug, should.

thanks for reading

Friday, May 09, 2008

Say, it ain't so!!!!

two posts in a single week. Stop the insanity!!!!

But i had to throw some new stats out for the coach, regarding my speedwork today. Yeah, it was a day late but i did it.

8 miles, 1 warm up, 1 cool down.....in between....

4 miles @ 7:05 with 1/2 mile jogs.

1st mile....6:36....whoa, slow down speedy. Waaaaaay too fast......fastest mile evah!!!!!

2nd mile..... 6:54......that's better, but still i'm working 11 seconds too hard

3rd mile.... 6:52.....neighbors watching me do my little 1&1/2 mile loop through my little neighborhood are starting to give me either.....a) an odd look or b) they know me an like to shout things like "Run, Forrest, Run" as i smile and wave, with a bitter "ha ha" under my breath, or mostly the youngsters 3) try to run with me.

4th mile....6:46

Now a couple nifty things....even though this was actually my best speed workout ever, both in actual speed and recovery, and general feeling good when done.....i think the wind affected my time and i could have been quicker. Fun Guv's right....i can never be happy with what i have....i always want more.

Anyway, one more long run of 12 miles and i'll feel like the taper is truly begun. Even though last week was the final 20, i guess i always look at the final double digit length run as the start of tapering. I guess that will be Sunday.

Anyway, it's been a week and still no photos from the chamber of commerce's and my re-grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony. Sorry...i promise as soon as possible they'll be here.

Let's see if a can find anything about our local mayor to post here......

maybe some back story....

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Thank Gawd, Kwame and his mother are both....SUPERDELEGATES....yeah, wonder why i'm hoping the Michigan Democrats aren't seated at the convention????

and really, i can't forget about Steve Wilson

one last thing.....totally different....anybody else have that stupid "Freeeee credit, report dot com" jingle running through their head.

thanks for reading

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

20 miles later.....

ran a fun 20 miles on Sunday. Great day and on a route i had never done before. Left the house and only took my garmin and mp3 player.

Stopped for water around mile 11 and a quick gatorade at mile 17. total time 2:49....that includes total walk breaks of 12 minutes.

Now, here's what not to do after a 20 miler....Do not go and sit in for two hours watching Iron Man, great flick by the way....and yeah....comic book fanboys out there....definitely worth the "Ferris" moment at the end of the credits....

Back to the point.....about 20 minutes into the movie the cramps started to set in. Both legs, from the ankles to the tops of the hamstrings....major charlie horses.....oh the humanity!!!!

And yeah, not like i can stand up in the crowded theater to stretch.....Nooooo, i gotta stretch out, by making my best.....congressman-picking-up-a-quickie-in-the-next stall...sit down stretch.

Christ, the things i'll do to get outta mowing the lawn.

Also, Tuesday was an easy 7 miler at a 7:48 pace.

Guess, i'm done as Fun Guv wants the computer again.....Go figure after being gone all day, i get to scarf down a pb&j and have about 15 minutes to throw a post together before getting booted.....i'll never get to any political sarcasm.....

thanks for reading

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Well here i sit, at the computer after not running my 20 miler yet.

It's 2:40, Saturday, and the day has gotten away. Turns out Jimmy had Little leauge, opening game today at 10:45. It's supposed to rain, with thunderstorms, and tomorrow will be sunny, yet cooler.


Tomorrow will be a great morning to head out on my final 20 miler of the plan. i should be ok.

Thursdays run.....in honor of the 5 year celebration of "Mission Accomplished" was a great 7 miles. Consistent and all under marathon pace of 7:41....

Total time was.....53:11...pace 7:36.....so while not as quick a pace as Tuesday, it was more consistent.

What to do for the long twenty???? Per Coach Nitmos....i'll go slow and easy....try to stay under 3 hours but not push for more. I still have three weeks to do that and no reason to risk an injury while overdoing a long run.

Thanks coach!!!!

He also has me thinking about marathon planning and what to run with. In the past, i've run marathons with lots of food in my pockets. A bunch of Gu's, some sports beans, a Carb bar, etc.... and always finished with some still in my pockets.

For the Bayshore...i'll take three GU's with me. Expresso Love, baby, 2x the caffeine.... one before the start, and at the 7 and 14 mile mark. Around mile 17 will be a Gu station with water so i'll grab an extra to keep in the pocket for the final 10k push.

i swear these boring stats posts will end. i had a great open house, grand re-opening for my office with local chambers, rotary friends, networking friends and elected officials. Great pictures of the ribbon cutting will be coming soon.

Plus, i've started to prepare for training in a local sprint tri. i've found a swimming coach.....plus "Dances with Dirt" relay prep (i may currently be the fastest runner on the team, scary).....and the eventual "underwater" mile of the international Detroit marathon. Maybe coach and i can pace each other to 3:10 times?

Thanks for reading