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Friday, May 09, 2008

Say, it ain't so!!!!

two posts in a single week. Stop the insanity!!!!

But i had to throw some new stats out for the coach, regarding my speedwork today. Yeah, it was a day late but i did it.

8 miles, 1 warm up, 1 cool down.....in between....

4 miles @ 7:05 with 1/2 mile jogs.

1st mile....6:36....whoa, slow down speedy. Waaaaaay too fast......fastest mile evah!!!!!

2nd mile..... 6:54......that's better, but still i'm working 11 seconds too hard

3rd mile.... 6:52.....neighbors watching me do my little 1&1/2 mile loop through my little neighborhood are starting to give me either.....a) an odd look or b) they know me an like to shout things like "Run, Forrest, Run" as i smile and wave, with a bitter "ha ha" under my breath, or mostly the youngsters 3) try to run with me.

4th mile....6:46

Now a couple nifty things....even though this was actually my best speed workout ever, both in actual speed and recovery, and general feeling good when done.....i think the wind affected my time and i could have been quicker. Fun Guv's right....i can never be happy with what i have....i always want more.

Anyway, one more long run of 12 miles and i'll feel like the taper is truly begun. Even though last week was the final 20, i guess i always look at the final double digit length run as the start of tapering. I guess that will be Sunday.

Anyway, it's been a week and still no photos from the chamber of commerce's and my re-grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony. Sorry...i promise as soon as possible they'll be here.

Let's see if a can find anything about our local mayor to post here......

maybe some back story....

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Thank Gawd, Kwame and his mother are both....SUPERDELEGATES....yeah, wonder why i'm hoping the Michigan Democrats aren't seated at the convention????

and really, i can't forget about Steve Wilson

one last thing.....totally different....anybody else have that stupid "Freeeee credit, report dot com" jingle running through their head.

thanks for reading

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L*I*S*A said...

Great job, speed racer.