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Monday, May 19, 2008

Taper Madness...

First things, Tange wanted to know what I was going to do to gear up for the big run this weekend. Only way a Steer can gear up for the big game, and that's by listening to this.

That said...the obligatory goals for the weekend. After running a 22:02 3-miler today

1. Get a PR
2. Run fast, real fast
3. Finish
4. Get a BQ, could be a reach, most running calculations indicate a 3:30-3:35 finish time. Oh well, still a PR

Coach says the goal is to hit 20 miles in 2:30 to BQ. could be a stretch, but I'm still not sure what the adrenaline of the day will bring. Today's short run was 3 miles, first at 7:36, second at 7:22 and third at 7:07. I seem to be pretty quick.

Anyways, that's all for now. Dancing with the Stars start in 15 minutes and I love Cheryl. Followed by the new Bachelorette, which isn't my first choice, the Bachelor is, but I still watch for Fun Guv. De'Anna seems/looks nice until she opens her mouth. Oh God! I know her name...I swear I'm not gay. But I did watch the season she was on the Bachelor...only to be jilted at the final rose ceremony.... It was the most dramatic rose ceremony ever.

By the way, did anyone see Def Leppard perform on Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show a couple of weeks ago? Man those guys are looking old. (now you know why I don't update here very often)

And maybe, during commercials I'll get to flip over to Vs. and watch the Wings.


L*I*S*A said...

I have to seriously question your choices for tv viewing. Thank God Nielsen ratings aren't in your home. Yikes!

Good goals for race day..

Nitmos said...

See, here again, based on my post you fall into Bipolar goal setting. A BQ...or just Finish? We all KNOW you will finish. The only question is HOW FAST!

Nice 3 miler! See you in TC this weekend.

Anonymous said...


I am looking forward to hearing your resluts and your story.

Blyfinn said...

Sounds like you are well on your way to a PR. Hope the race goes well.

Nitmos said...

I am also hoping to hear about Luki's resluts. That sounds interesting. Are they sluts who quit and returned to slutting? Pray tell.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Wow - that video put me in serious flashback mode that had me scrambling to look for my old Def Leppard tunes and dig out the concert tshirts. But, you know I am "old" because the tunes are all on cassette tapes and now there isn't a cassette player anywhere in my house.

Thanks for the energy! Wishing you the best at your race!