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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sorry bout the rash of posts lately...

but i had to throw todays stats for the last 12 miler before the bayshore

mile 1.....7:58 cu 7:58
Mile 2....7:54 15:52
mile 3....7:43 23:35
Mile 4....7:40 31:15
mile 5....7:43 38:58
mile 6....7:45 46:43
mile 7....7:44 54:27
mile 8....7:51 1:02:18
mile 9....7:51 1:10:09
mile 10...8:02 1:18:10
mile11...8:14 1:26:25
mile 12...8:12 1:34:37

1:34:37....not bad for a blustery....rainy day

it was a big circle, 3 miles into the wind, 6 not, 3 into the wind at the end.....serious pickup in wind at the end.....rain started to fall at mile 6.

My personal goal for this run was 1:36:00, i just wanted to finish a major long run under a 8 minute pace.

Now the taper can begin.....i have every other day runs scheduled for the next two weeks until the bayshore.

With the exception of wishing i was a few lbs lighter, and really i have no one to blame but me, i think i am ready.

thanks for reading


Gknee said...

NO NO...keep on posting. I love it.

L*I*S*A said...

I think you're ready for the both of us.

Nitmos said...

Yes, you are ready. No doubt about that.

tange said...

Luki, How are you going to "Steer up" for the race?