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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Well here i sit, at the computer after not running my 20 miler yet.

It's 2:40, Saturday, and the day has gotten away. Turns out Jimmy had Little leauge, opening game today at 10:45. It's supposed to rain, with thunderstorms, and tomorrow will be sunny, yet cooler.


Tomorrow will be a great morning to head out on my final 20 miler of the plan. i should be ok.

Thursdays run.....in honor of the 5 year celebration of "Mission Accomplished" was a great 7 miles. Consistent and all under marathon pace of 7:41....

Total time was.....53:11...pace 7:36.....so while not as quick a pace as Tuesday, it was more consistent.

What to do for the long twenty???? Per Coach Nitmos....i'll go slow and easy....try to stay under 3 hours but not push for more. I still have three weeks to do that and no reason to risk an injury while overdoing a long run.

Thanks coach!!!!

He also has me thinking about marathon planning and what to run with. In the past, i've run marathons with lots of food in my pockets. A bunch of Gu's, some sports beans, a Carb bar, etc.... and always finished with some still in my pockets.

For the Bayshore...i'll take three GU's with me. Expresso Love, baby, 2x the caffeine.... one before the start, and at the 7 and 14 mile mark. Around mile 17 will be a Gu station with water so i'll grab an extra to keep in the pocket for the final 10k push.

i swear these boring stats posts will end. i had a great open house, grand re-opening for my office with local chambers, rotary friends, networking friends and elected officials. Great pictures of the ribbon cutting will be coming soon.

Plus, i've started to prepare for training in a local sprint tri. i've found a swimming coach.....plus "Dances with Dirt" relay prep (i may currently be the fastest runner on the team, scary).....and the eventual "underwater" mile of the international Detroit marathon. Maybe coach and i can pace each other to 3:10 times?

Thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

Are you going to share your swimming coach with me, since apparently I'm doing this Tri with you?

Nitmos said...

I assume your 20 miler is in the books and you are now tapering??

You are PR ready! Focus on that. We'll see about BQ. Just keep repeating to yourself you are going to run the fastest marathon you have ever run in less than 3 weeks.

Oh, and eat right.