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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A chance????

Well, as things go i had a good last week of runs. It was a cut-back week, three slow runs of 9 miles and as things go my slow time seems to be a consistent 8:00-8:15 pace and that's how my rans went.

Saturdays run turned into Sunday morning. 9-10:30 am-ish, followed by....coaching Jimmy for little league.....followed by.....riding our bikes to practice.....coaching the entire team for an hour or so ....ride the bikes back home....walk the dog with Fun Guv for about 2 miles.....ride the bikes to the high school and play tennis with Mack....

busy day....i need to get back to the office for some time off.

So with Sunday's 9 miles....the week will be

Sunday....9 miles...done
Tuesday....8 miles
Thursday...7 miles, with three sub 7:30 miles for tempo
Saturday....20 miles, the final 20 of the training plan

So i gotta take a moment to brag cause.....

8 miles......1:00:28.......7:32 pace

....and for those keeping score.....pace to BQ.....7:41

but was it consistent? you judge...

Mile 1....7:25
Mile 2...7:30
Mile 3...7:38
Mile 4...7:29 1/2 way....30:02 ( no negative split today)
Mile 5...7:33 5 miles....37:35
Mile 6...7:39 new personal 10k best here.....under 47:00
Mile 7...7:44 a bit of a bummer, but in the wind and had to slow slightly to jay-run a busy road
Mile 8...7:29

Total time.....1:00:47 plus one second to turn off the Garmin.

Nothing is even close to this run as i have never ran this fast this distance. And only one mile was above marathon pace.

and of course my weight is still 200 lbs....any thoughts on going low carb for the first two weeks of the three week taper to quickly drop some lbs?????

Knowing of course...so many things in a marathon are out of my control...at least i feel the things i can control are being taken care. Mother Nature can be a biatch.

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L*I*S*A said...

Lord knows I have zero advice for you since I am following the Minimalist Training Plan. I'm sure you'll do what you need to do.

Triseverance said...

Great running, I have no idea what it takes but keep doing what your doing. :) Not sure if I would go low carb during the taper. I would just try to eat right and balanced and limit calories a bit.

Nitmos said...

I can't believe you are not dropping lbs just through the speed work you are doing. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables instead of snacks and baked goods???

Great work. Seems pretty clear you would be able to BQ a half marathon at this point. A full marathon is still the open question. Either way, PR here you come!! And this isn't the end all, be all race. I'm excited for you. Can't wait to be a spectator and cheer on folks in a marathon for a change.

tange said...


Your training is going great!

As for the quick weight loss, I would cut calories, but not carbs. Eat a smallish breakfast, bring a small lunch to work, maybe a snack or two, then use a small plate at dinner and take one serving. Do that until the week before bayshore, then weigh yourself then eat what you want for the week before (don't be stupid about it)and just assume that you didn't gain any weight over that time to maintain confidence.

As for your marathon pace, I can see a 3:30 with those kind of times. Perhaps, shoot for an even paced 1:45, 1:45 marathon, then spend the next 5 months dialing it down so you are prepared for a 3:20 in Detroit.

14 minutes is tough to drop in one marathon, 24 is unimaginable to me.

Of course, if you don't want to follow my free advice, please don't let it creep into your mind around 22 miles into the race.

I'll be tracking with you!!

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