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Sunday, April 06, 2008

"Hang in there, baby"

i'm not sure why, but this seems to be stuck in my head from a childhood spent in the "70's"

As you may see we caught our little RJ. Just one....about a year old and lot's of fun.
Kids being what they are wanted to keep her as a pet.

Go figure, i have bleedin' heart liberal kids, who wanted to be sure Pestman would release her to the wild (or nature center a few miles from us), rather than making a cap outta her.

Anyway, feeling inspired after an incredible 18 miles through Paint Creek, running into GLRG (and throwing her off her mojo), i felt it was time to takes dead limbs off our Maple Tree.

Not sure if Fun Guv realized the amount of time i spent climbing trees as a child but it's a little like riding a bike.....i just need to stick to slightly thicker branches.

Anyway back to running....18 miles with a 2 liter camelpak on.

Tuesday was a crappy weather day...so 5 miserable treadmills miles and Thursday....

Thursday rocked.....

7 miles....53:59....no lie...after hitting the Garmin timer a few seconds later, i went back to look.

Now, Nitmos really pushed me to get a 53 to stay on goal. i figured i was 15 seconds off marathon pace...to BQ, i need 7:41....thursday was 7:43.

So close

Thanks for reading


Triseverance said...

Dude that is an awsome run, very nice keep up the good work. Oh and I have an apple tree that needs some serious pruning, care to jump the pond for me and do some climbing?

Nitmos said...

Does tree climbing count as cross trianing? I think so.

You rocked out that 7 miler. Keep pushing (safely). This is the time to build speed. Go for 7 1/2 min miles this week on a 5-8 mile run!

Anonymous said...

nice job on catching Ranger Rick.

great 18 miler, then climbing a tree? how can your legs do that?

Keep it up and stay focused.


Arcane said...

Poor little racoon. Be careful climbing trees. There's a story here in TO about a guy who feel from a tree and impaled himself. http://www.thestar.com/News/GTA/article/410249
I kid you not.

Nitmos said...

You've been tagged. Now get out of the tree and get busy.

LauriO said...

ok...you are officially domesticated!!! This is the last straw Michael!! Cutting your own tree limbs makes you "just like my dad!" But, thought of you Sunday when I walked my 3 miles. I will catch up to you someday! XO

Fun Guv said...

Actually, mother nature busted off the limb last fall in a windstorm and it's been lodged up there since. Mike and the neighbor tried many times before winter settled on us to dislodge said limb (even tied it to my trailer hitch on the van...that just wedged it tighter).

With the first nice spring day, Mike was inspired so I summoned the neighbor (after I came outside to already find Mike up in the tree trying to saw with the dullest blade on the planet...it wouldn't even cut my finger ~ it was actually kind of soft!) for some adult supervision and logic and they were able to finish the project.

Now we've got plenty of wood (and so do some neighbors) for lots of good fires ~and s'mores ~ this summer!

Fun Guv said...
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