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Sunday, April 13, 2008

i'm a clydesdale.

Well, maybe more of a draft horse.

As i keep moving forward trying to get a few minutes faster for the big run in a few weeks, my girth keeps getting in the way.

Fer instance, i seem to have able to break the years long cycle of smoking and running.

Now, non-smoking runners out there my poo-poo the idea of an early morning smoke before heading out the door for a long slow run, but my friends, you're missing out.

Well, not really.....but, what's this got to do with horses?????

Great question, thanks for asking. See smoking did one thing.....it surpressed my appitite. Which really......before running i had at one time ballooned up to the 250-260 range, and smoked too.....what the hell was being surpressed, eh????

Today, i sit at the not-so-ballooned 200 lbs and once in a while i'll manage a weight of 190, usually during the taper. So, i aknowledge, that, yes, quiting smoking led to a bit more eating of late and my weight is more than it should be but....

i realize, i'm still kicking ass,( obtuse horse pun) and had some killer speedwork Thursday. 8 miles with four under 7:15/mile- with 800 meter jogs between.

Go figure, the winter is kicking in for one last hurrah around, so while doing my laps around the local school track, the temps started to fall and the wind picked up, and a little mist, turned to drizzle, to outright downpour.

....but still the draft horse had a job to do. Mile 1 of speed 6:47 ok a little fast and may have affected the rest of the miles......Mile 2 of speed 7:05 .....Mile 3, 7:10 (are you seeing a pattern)......Mile 4, 7:14 (and yes....speed is a relative term to all the quarter horses out there)

This weekend is a 20 miler.....when?, again great question....it's Sunday morning. Yesterday was a complete pile of work and family obligations. Today is Jimmy's 7th birthday....so off the the local rec center for a school friend swimming party, after a cubscout park cleanup, which i head for as soon as i hit "publish post".

Alas, it's 9:25 and i need to leave at 9:30...no time for topical banter

Thanks for reading

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Nitmos said...

Seriously? That's a great speed workout. Don't downgrade yourself. Have you ever had such a strong speed work session before? If you can do that, its just a matter of smoothing out those miles. See if you can hold those 4 miles at 7:00 even the next time and not drop.

You are going to set a new PR for sure. BQ is an open question but - either way - you are on the verge of a PR run I think. Keep movin'. Still time for more gains.