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Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Luck (o'the Irish)

Run Strong....

Beat Lance....

Good luck to the Steers next week in Boston

McTange and O'Nitmos, hope to see you there whenever i get old enough to have my current time qualify, age wise.

Have fun and enjoy the moment, and let's hope the weather is a bity nicer than last year. OK, it's official, i'm a running geek as i can remember the conditions of previous races that i haven't been involved with.

Anyway on to today's reprise of the weekend run. Coach...i burned out. The weather blew and after spending two hours in the rec pool playing with the kids i set out for my 20 miler. Against the wind, tired and bundled up and wearing the 2 liter camelpak.

it was rough and although my time was decent, i was miserable for the last 4 miles. And so, unlike previous posts of success, i'm gonna wallow in self pity and keep the bad news to myself.

Anyway, it's been a long day and it's time to wallow in the train wreck known as "The Bachelor" Fun Guv has me hooked on it

Thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

Honestly, why do you watch such trash on tv?

Secondly, it is humbling to have a shitty run. I know you're not feeling so great about it, but at least you've put in the miles. Anytime you want an invite to my pity party, let me know. There's always room here. :)

Nitmos said...


In my eyes, you have to focus on adding speed in chunks and not think of it as "20 miler should be faster". LR's are still for endurance. Work on speed with the short runs...make the short runs a bit longer at same speed..etc. Before long, the LR's will naturally become faster.

I'm no expert. Ask sub 3 guy Tange. I just know what worked for me. I really just tried to get my HALF marathon time as low as I could and figured some of that would bleed over into the full. For Bayshore, I remember feeling good (i.e. fast enough) for only about 16 miles going in but I was able to hold on a bit longer in the actual race.

Thanks for the wishes! Keep workin'.

Anonymous said...


don't worry about a cruddy 20 miler. Sometimes i actaully run those on purpose and I think it works for me.

the night before i will eat fried fish and french fries, get 4 hours of sleep before i take off at 4:30 am and feel miserable the whole time.

Then, come race day, i know that after eating well even if i only get 5 hours of sleep, I will feel great compared to some of the training runs.

So when you have a bad long run, remember that come race day, you will feel better than the day after you ate a half slab of ribs, greasy fries, a few beers all with a mild case of the runs.

In short, poor runs are good for you as long as it is not on race day.


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