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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A New Roommate????

We seem to have a family of racoons living in our attic. Isn't this nice??

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Some random interent pictures, freely available for connecting so its not my house but....you get the idea.....

Dammit, well the pest control guy (Let's call him "Pestman") is heading over now, so soon we set traps. i saw the head of one of the critters last night as it taunted me from it's perch inside the vent with it's head sticking out of the house just watching me.


Anyway, back to running, cause that's what i do...

i had a great week of runs....

after Tuesdays intentional negative split, i figured to run a nice 8 miles again on Thursday.

again, it snowed, but not to be dampered, i ran within my abilities but with a little edge and finished 1 minute quicker than tuesday.

Saturday was a 7 miler and that ended up at a 7:48 pace. Still a little bit quicker.

Big kudos to Nitmos....we spoke earlier and he is saying the things i don't want to hear....making me do the things i don't want to do....to help me get the results i want.

Keep pushing me!!!!

This week is again a couple 7 mile runs and a saturday of 18 miles. Well, my plan has 16, but it could be a good day to run Paint Creek Trail....a pre-marathon tradition of running. This run will be with Brett ("Hit-Man"), first time marathoner and Steer....gotta pay it forward, eh?

Anyway, work is good, running is good and the family is good...not really in that order.

While typing this....Pestman set a trap for our little RJ....While setting the trap, our furry tennant stuff his/her head up to the vent and laughed at me while Pestman set the humane style trap.

Maybe...we can post our own pictures of the ordeal....and RJ.

Thanks for reading.


Nitmos said...

I'd like to see one of those 7 milers in the 53 or under range.

I hope those raccoons are an April Fools joke.

Go, Mike, Go.
Go, Brett, Go.
Steers unite.

L*I*S*A said...

I may be at Paint Creek myself, but I'll be the slowest of them all. Wave as you go whizzing by.

Nitmos said...

If you are going to be on PCT also then:

Go, Lisa, Go

Steers (continue to) Unite!