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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

OK, i get it.

life, work, running got in the way of posting again.

Those of you interested, you may like to hear that i have had a exciting week of training.

let's go back in time to a week from today.

Last Tuesday, my fastest 9 miles ever. 9 miles/time.....1:10:29 pace is a nice 7:50/mile....best part was the slowest mile was my first. A wonderful afternoon run with a cool fast time and a negative split.

Thursday, a not as fast 8 miles. Not even an attempt to go fast, just nice and steady. Honestly, i think i still felt the affects of the earlier 9 miles. Still, a fun run for the day....time 1:08:08....a slow 8:27 pace....and really it felt slow, weird eh?

Saturday....with renewed energy about not caring about pace, or time, but just the distance...Saturday was a slow 16 miles....lot's of walk breaks and a full 2 liter camel-pak sooo....2:23:22 for a 8:58 pace.....

Monday....back to a little speed....start slow and try to make every mile a little quicker....9 miles....started at a nice 8:29 mile and ended with a quick 7:46 mile; total time....1:13:48.....big negative split here....over a minute diference as my last two miles were the quickest in the run.

There is a week in my runs....7 days, 4 runs....distance 42 miles....

Weight...still at the 200 lb area.....maybe i'm more of a camel myself, carrying my reserves as i go, and not so much a horse.

Anyway, fun guv wants the computer now so maybe i'll get a chance again in the next week to post again.

Thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

Logging some great runs. I think you'll be in fine shape to run/walk/stroll with me to the finish of Bayshore.

Triseverance said...

Holy smokes you are getting fast. And at 200 lbs.....if you wanted to drop a few I would imagine you would start really flying. :) Great running!

Anonymous said...

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Nitmos said...

You are rockin' some great runs! At the very least, you'll PR Bayshore. From there, who knows??

Nitmos said...

How goes the running? You must be approaching the last big LR??