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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Great Post Race report....

i'm thinking we've got a good team here with Fun Guv subbing in a post race report.... but people where's the love? My bride needs a little feedback. i'm sure somewhere in my 10's of readers, or just 10, or less, someone could validate her.

Writing on validation, RR; glad to hear you are feeling better. The Vike's may cause a little less puking than the Perc's. i've been given both and i got a little woozie from the Perc, not a drug to take and then go to the office btw....

Vike's... not a big deal. i had the big ones and could still enjoy a beer or two. Not a recommendation mind you, just my personal experience.

Anyway, the race was fun. As i was hoping to PR, i set out quick. i didn't realize there would be a split mat and after looking at my watch, and realizing halfway took only 22-23 minutes, i knew a PR was in the bag. So, i slowed down a little, relaxed enjoyed the surroundings.

i was shooting for 50 minutes, but as i returned to Fun Guv and the kids, around mile 5 and ran over to high 5 Mack and Jimmy, it hadn't been 40 minutes yet. I was seriously flirting with breaking the ever elusise 8 minute mile mark.

Anyway the smoking thing is going good. i've noticed a slight increase in weight, but as long as i stay under 210 through this proccess, i'll be o.k. Also with the holidays on the horizon, i figure i can start the new year worrying about diet. i'd like to hit the Bayshore about 185-190.

Toughest thing about smoking...Monday mornings...after being in the bar all weekend tending, i seem to get itching for a smoke from all the exposure to smoke in the air.

Thanks for the support on the stopping, not sure if it's helped, but i feel faster.

thanks for reading


Nitmos said...

Nice job Mike (and Lisa with the excellent race report and pictures). Keep pushing yourself. By Bayshore, 8 minute miles (x26) may be a realizable goal.

Running Rabbit said...

I already gave my love Baby Doll. And Darling...don't know if I am truly feeling better or if I am now addicted to the narcatics! **Sheesh**

Good Job on sticking with the NO SMOKING! Woman will find you sexier if you are not smoking. hee hee hee :-)

Arcaner said...

Nice going Mike and Fun Guv for the pictures. Wouldn't the second hand smoke give you enough of a tobacco fix to last you for a little while?