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Friday, December 01, 2006

What else can go wrong???

Anyone ever have their sewer collapse? Not fun. Although Jimmy seemed to enjoy watching a back-hoe dig a 10 foot trench through our entire yard, Fun Guv and i had to cry.

See, we have a huge tree in our front yard, and apparently the roots had finally destroyed any semblence of terra cotta plumbing running to our city hook-up. And while the advantages to your front yard being a septic field results in greener grass, the back up of sewage in the basement...not so nice.

Let's just say the neighbors are panic-y that they can be next, and woe to the listed for sale home, since every car driving through our neighborhood passes our home..

How's this for home value?

But all is not lost, as it will take time for the mound of filled ditch with new PVC plumbing to fill and compact. So now we have a 3 foot mound through our entire front yard. It will be a slow process as our ground is clay. And since the season is changing we will not be able to landscape until spring. Whooppie!!!

Additionally, looks like my running habit may have practical uses, as yesterday the head gasket, on my car blew. So i am carless, until we figure out how to pay for a new car after paying for a plumbing job from hell. Or a dig to hell.

At least i can run to and from home and the office at an under 8 minute mile pace.

Or at least could, until using lame excuse of stress to buy smokes, cause i'm made of money and the extra 5 bucks wouldn't have made a dent in the 1000s of dollars in new bills.

Oh, it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

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Gknee said...

Ah yes....We too have had the roots of trees infiltrate our pipes. What's really fun is that sewage came up into our tub. The joys of home ownership :)

Lisa said...

Fortnately the tons of rain that has dumped on us for two days straight has worn away about another 6" of dirt from the pile. Just don't walk on the sidewalk right in front of our house...it's very slippery!

We were told that it would have come up in our tub too if we hadn't had a basement or a laundry tub. Had we not had to have the front yard dug up I would have blocked the drain in the floor and gone with the laundry tub option personally, much easier to clean up and less crap gets ruined.

Gknee said...

Basements...yes...I miss basements. *sigh*

Hope things get cleaned up soon.

Arcaner said...

Holy Crap. Hope you get everything fixed up soon.. At least your grass will be nice and green next year.

L*I*S*A said...

I guess the shit hit the proverbial fan, eh?

Animal said...

Remember: there's nothing that can get torn apart so much that it can't get put back together.

Too bad you couldn't have simply left for a week and come home to a big bus blocking the view of your newly-reconstructed house...