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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thanks Santa, for the advice to stop eating his cookies and milk

Welcome to the Santa at the Henry Ford Museum. Fun Guv snapped this shot as he scolded me for the trail of crumbs he found leading to our bedroom from the kitchen.

Additionally, after being scolded by Animal for wearing white ice skates, i guess after Labour, canadian spelling, eh, Day, and not being manly enough. Since this comes from a man who used to Perm and Frost his hair, i'm feeling a little insecure.

So i give you a favorite new holiday tradition, Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village. See, they loan, skates to you there. Loan, get it...you walk into the tent, and someone hands you skates based upon size. But in addition to the effeminite skates, there was....

...chestnuts truly roasting on an open fire, real living reindeer, awesomely the real Santa who seemed to know all the children's names, carolers, brass bands, a blue grass band, Model T rides equipped with the same heating devices used in olden time, ie a blanket, and fireworks to end the evening. What great event to attend, sorry bout the ugly skates.

Anyway, it rained a lot yesterday, but it was fairly warm for December and so....a nice 5 mile run. i seem to have selected a training program which begins February 5. As the date approaches i'll put more of the plan online. i have cautiously selected what appears to be a fairly aggressive schedule, but it only calls for 16 weeks and 3 days a week. So it can adjust easily to real life.

Since, i have no dreadmill, i can't wait to start doing some speedwork in, gasp, February. What are the odds we'll have the two warmest February's on record in a row?

Right now the plan is to enjoy the holidays, get concerned about diet after the new year, maintain a steady 20-25 miles a week. Hit the new schedule running long and slow.

Smoking hasn't been a concern at all lately. This is normally where i screw it up. i have to remember to update my counter, that's been the biggest thing.

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