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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nice 10 mile run yesterday...

Now this will not happen often in the next few months, but yesterday was beautiful outside. The temps in the upper 40's and no wind. What a great day for a long run.

Per the new Garmin, i ran 10 miles at a 8:14 pace. Much faster then i intended but it felt natural and maybe i am picking up some speed. My weight issue seems to have subsided from adding a few pounds. Could be the season w/combination of quitting smoking.

Anyway, the garmin still has a few kinks to work out but man, is it a nifty little tool!!!!

Start the video it makes a cute little soundtrack, if you're still reading

Anyway, the biggest Christmas surprise was having my oldest daughter, Allison, with me for the holidays. This was the first christmas with us. She's 12 and i've never pushed for it cause of the distance and i thought it would best to be with her mother most of the time.

This Christmas, she decided to come visit us, and although it was a shock to her mother, we were thrilled. Sure it was a little more stress for the Fun Guv-wicked-step-mom, but she handled it awesome. Since we spend most of the holidays with the Fun Guv's fam, i was a little concerned for Allison's christmas. But she even asked her mom to stay a few extra days passed Chrstmas day. Now really, kids love christmas and even though Allison in 12, she's still a kid, and to watch her sibblings open gifts could have been difficult for her.

It wasn't difficult though, cause Fun Guv's family made Allison part of the family this year. What a treat to watch. And even though i have been part of their family for many years now, Allison was not.

And yes, a 12 year old can be a pain in the a$$ sometimes but Allsion was great and Fun Guv's family was amazing.

Anyway, i think my little self-indulgent, therapy riddled posts are coming to an end with regards to the Holidays.

All things being looked at in perspective and with the Christmas stuff being put away tomorrow, this years holidays have been a change.

After watching the family dynamics more than usual and watching all my children interact for the first time, i think emotionally i was at my breaking point when my in-laws expressed pride in my running and commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

It wasn't the garmin itself as much as it was the thoughts behind the garmin.

Additionally and lastly to this post, i am approaching my one year anniversary of running. 1/7/2006 for the record, i threw on a pair of sneakers and ran my first mile, sorta, tipping the scales somewhere between 245 and 250 lbs.

How do you measure a year in a life?

Inches, miles, laughter, strife.....Love?

thanks for reading....


Gknee said...

How do you measure a year in a life?

Definately Love!

Arcaner said...

Your past few posts have been deep. I liked reading them as it gives some context and insight. I'm glad your Christmas went well and that your daughter had a good time. Happy New year and a 1 year anniversary.

You scored a garmin eh? Use it well!

L*I*S*A said...

You're pretty deep, my friend. Love the series of posts. Glad you were able to gather all of your kids together for the holiday. :)

Running Rabbit said...

Not all step moms are evil! I know I wouldn't be! :-)

L*I*S*A said...

Hey Mike...Lisa D and I have signed up for Chi '07...get your butt in gear and sign up!

Russ said...

Was not Saturday the most beautiful late December day you have seen in Michigan in some time!!! Keep up good work in 2007. It's good to see the progress you have made in 1 year, as I am on very similar path. Let's kick Bayshore's a$%!!!!

Bob said...

Happy new Year Mike and congrats on one year of running, it is a big acomplishment. You will love the Garmin but I must admit to seething jealousy of the 8:14 ten miler, ahhh more reason to get my a$$ in gear.

Amy and my fist broadway show was Rent when we Visited New York City not long after we were married. Incredible show, blew me away. I always thought that song should replace the tired Auld Lang Syne. But that is just me.