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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 goals...

As the new year is here, i thought i would put some goals for the new year:

Be a good husband, so far this is a fairly easy one....
Be a good father
Be a good friend
Be committed to my career

live to see 2008, not that anything is a current health problem, but still a good idea for a long term goal.

keep running
cross train a little more, or just any cross train....

finish the Bayshore in a little better time than Chi 06
finish Chicago 07, yep registered for this yesterday, a little better time than the Bayshore

Get home from bartending one night and go running at 2:00 am. Just to feel like an ultra-marathoner for a moment.

Think a lot about running this....click me, then wise up, maybe 2008

Of course, i'd like to set PR's for every race and continue to see my times decrease but mostly i just want to keep enjoying running.

At least start a 5k with the Fun Guv, and finish ahead of her so i can cheer her on at the finish.

start and finish a 5k with the Fun Guv, cause that gets her running another race.

thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

Good goals...I think you'll achieve 'em all.

Hey, best put your countdown clock for Chi now that you've registered. :)

Nitmos said...

Happy New Year Mike!

I can't decide between Chicago and Detroit for this October. Detroit would be new and different...but Chicago fits in better for my January 2008 Disney schedule.

Your running times are outstanding! Unless we get hit with a long, nasty winter at some point, I don't see how you couldn't set a PR at Bayshore. Sub 4:00, here you come!

Gknee said...

Happy New Year! I'm confindent that you'll meet all your goals for the upcoming year.

runnergirl said...

Sounds like some great goals to me! Good Luck and Happy 2007! I'm gonna join you at Bayshore, but I'm running the half.

Arcaner said...

deathrace, eh? sounds like fun!

L*I*S*A said...

The hell with the Deathrace, as I thought you were hell-bent on earning that Goofy medal in the WDW marathon weekend in 2008.

Running Rabbit said...

Great goals....

Mike, darling...what's the deal on the PIGGY?!?!

Bob said...

Death Race, count me......out, for now. lol Dude, Amy was making fun of my hat this weekend, hmmm perhaps I should direct her here. :) Good luck in 2007

Let me add one goal for you, turn of word verification. ;-)