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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

WARNING: Do not follow up a 12 mile run, in the cold, against the wind, uphill with Tequila.

Anyway, Saturday morning i had a business meeting at a local coffee shop. So afterwards i had a late Christmas Party and we had to drop the kids off at the in-laws.

Since the in-laws live 'bout 12 miles away, i had missed my normal 10 mile weekend run with a business meeting, and the weather was fairly ok, i went out for the run to the in-laws.

This really is the first time i ever ran anywhere. Usually i run a big circle or down and back but Saturday i ran to the in-laws.

They live about 12 miles away to the the west and north of us. Hey, guess where the wind was coming from that day? Yep, in my face the whole way.

Changes in elevation? Sure... up, up and away the entire time. What's a couple hundred feet spanned out over a few miles?

With my Garmin on one arm and MP3 on the other, out i went, in.... freakin' moron....shorts, wicking mock turtle, sweatshirt and ski cap.

Since i was able to stop the timer for stoplights and once to pee. Here's the rough stats:

11.70 miles, 1:32:ish, pace under 8:00 mi. Best mile #2 7:29 mi

Number of times i knocked the frozen sweat off my ski cap: 2
Bloody nipples: 2
Nipples bloody enough to soak thru mock turtle and sweatshirt: 1
Number of times people in gas station asked if i was out running when i stopped to pee: 2
Number of raw, frozen, nearly frostbit peni's from running in January in shorts: 1
Smiles on my face while running: 1, it lasted 11.70 miles

Anyway after thawing out. We went to the party, at which i found my taste for tequila. Since i knew some of the folks from bartending for them a week earlier, they figured give the guy, me, some stiff drinks.

Not a great idea. i think i may have been a little bit weakened from my hard run, cause 4 drinks later....it about 11:00 ish and well things get a little fuzzy.

Details are a little lost, but nights like this remind me of why i have such a great wife. She took great care of her, drink like i weigh 260 when my weight is now 200 lb husband.

So... Lesson for runners today; long runs and tequila....bad. Long runs and beer gooooood

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Lisa said...

Funny, you left out the fact that you had a Molson compliments of my dad immediately following the run for carb re-load and then 2 Guinness' before you left their house. Then the other Guinness and glass of wine at the bar before we went to the room to get ready for the party and the two glasses of wine in Karlene's (yes, Griffka) room on the way to the party.

Sure, the fifth of tequila in four drinks probably were the main issue, but I think it was also just icing on an already well baked cake.

Love you!

L*I*S*A said...

Oh God. Did he make those awful puking sounds, too? Those really are the worst.

Lisa said...

Don't know, I wasn't there. I poured him into bed and then went back down to his Holiday party

Nitmos said...

Uh-oh. It sounds like more details are coming out about this sordid tale. Before long, we are going to find out that the water-logged 11.7 miles took place while wearing a construction hat with two beer cans and a straw attached. Hmmm, now that I think of it, I wonder if Runner's World has something available...

Lisa said...

Actually all the running info is true ~ he was still sober then so he remembers all of that part. It's after the beers, wine & tequila that things get a little fuzzy for him so I'm left to fill in the blanks!

Animal said...

I just hope he got the toilet lid up this time...

L*I*S*A said...

I'm with Scott on this one.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like the Lukie I know (minus the running)