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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What can this be other than a reference to me being a Springsteen Fan?

Well it's a lot of things.

It's actually from the show at DTE, Pine Knob, from last summer. As i previously posted, so long ago, it was a great show. This tune ended the, prior to numerous encore, set.

A couple small tidbits for my marchingband alum "Fire UP Chips" friends. The tune should sound a bit familiar, albeit no dirty lyrics. Then, check out the horn section. Wow!!!

Also this tune reminds me of past posts to the blog. So right before the marathon i posted thanks to people who had influenced my decision to run a marathon.

Lo and behold a few weeks ago, i receive an email from.....Marc St Angelo....an old college roommate.

See, Tange and i lived together for a couple years in the late great Tate Hall. Since it's been torn down and is a parking lot. Tange was a runner, and really i feel bad for giving him grief for running so slow in his first marathon, The Freep, in Detroit. He finished under 3 hrs. i could have drove it is less. doh, look i wasn't a runner then, sorry.

Anyway, Tange googled his name and, again, Lo and behold, this blog pops up. So i get an email and Tange, after not running for 15 years, just ran the MCM in the DeeCee and finished about 3:55 ish, good for him. Again reminding me of the time lost with my little poop break.

So once again, my tens of readers out there, i'm finding new reasons to keep looking forward while not completely forgetting the past.

Hopefully, soon i'll get back to posting about running. It's finally getting to feel like winter around here. i had to ditch shorts for Monday nights quick 4 miler, 31:19.

Damn you Garmin!!!! Every run isn't meant to be a PR!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading,

oh and don't you just love the hat that MacKenzie made me to run in, in the cold??? Who wants one???


Animal said...

Ooh, ooh, I want one! Pick me, pick me!!

Running Rabbit said...

Ditching your shorts, or really anyone's...now that's a plan...


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm famous!!!!

I agree, 2:58 is kinda a slacker time for a marathon.

Oh yeah, why did Mike's roommates call him "Lukie" in college again?


Bob said...

Oh man, I feel like a heel, MacKenzie, I am sorry, I am not making fun or your hat, I think it is great. I am just poking a little fun at the guy wearing it. :)

Nitmos said...

2:58? I could definitely drive 26.2 miles quicker than that...heck, maybe even bike quicker than that. Probably not push a scooter or do the crab walk quicker though.

The Hitman is lacing 'em up? Time to pull out either the maroon/white jerseys or the purple/yellow ones and get the Steer stampede rolling. Woo-hoo.