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Thursday, January 25, 2007

"In Cold Blood"

Weird coincidence, but that's the only Capote book i've ever read. What does this have to do with my running blog? Not much, well not anything but it's a good read. Fun Guv and i just watched the movie, Capote.

Which is about the research and the changes that Truman Capote went through while researching and writing this book. i'm not trying to ruin the movie for anyone but it's not a feel good story if you haven't seen it.

Anyway, after my long run two weeks ago i took a little time away from running. Not a long time, but as marathon training starts in a few weeks, i figured it would be a good time to just work and hang with the kids. Scheduling for a family, work and training can be tough as we all know. So a week off, and i feel refreshed and ready to go.

Additionally, figuring into my running time was a recent read "Forever Peace" by Joe Haldeman.

"Forever War" is one of my favorite reads.

The Social Economic factors persued in Forever Peace seem almost prophetic when written 10 years ago. A world at war but not with individual countries, with terror cells. Many questions asked by Julian, the protaginist, are the same questions many people have today with our so called war on terror, conspiracy, etc...

It takes a little of Fiction out of the term Science Fiction.

The book also deals with a Doomsday, end of time, scenario. Which i find amusing as the End of Time clock folks have decided to move the doomsday clock forward two minutes. Mildly amusing as i read the book of fiction and learned that in reality, due to environmental issues and the expanding development of nuclear weapons, we now sit at 11:55 pm.

When i actually read the phrase "Mission Accomplished" in the book, again written 10 years ago.... i had to put it down and laugh....

Which brings me to yesterdays guest post my my bride, the fun guv. Cause she was tired of me not updating she gave a nudge to push me to a brain dump. And i am, cause if you are still reading, i'm getting to a point. ......i hope.

The time spent running has allowed me to spend a lot of time inside my head. So as i look at the democratic candidates for the next presidential election, i wonder....

why bother, they all now hate the war yet are unwilling to do anything to bring the troops home. Somebody please define "Victory" stop throwing the word around like it's a baseball game.

none are willing to take a stand with regards to illegal immigration, i don't believe any americans have lost jobs to unregistered immigrants, americans lose jobs to american companies sending their jobs across borders.

i live in a state with the 2nd highest unemployment 7.1% and growing as pfizer just announced 2500 Michigan jobs going away. Although they posted 12 billion in earnings.... And the unemployment doesn't count the automotive buyouts and the upcomming buyouts in the next 6 months.

i live in the highest foreclosure metropolitan area. Foreclosures tripled in Macomb County last year to 1 in 39 homes in the county, per Detroit Free Press 1/25/2007. Oakland County, 1 in 68, and Wayne (Detroit) 1 in 21.

With foreclosures, property values in Michigan have the largest decrease in the country for 2006.

[[: Property taxes keep going up, again causing more people to miss tax payments due to unemployment, causing more tax liens and more foreclosures, lowering values, :]]

So anyway....i've had it with the liars and cheats and big money and adulterers and the fleecing of the american way of life i have always cherished....

Vote for Mike '08 ( i think "i like mike" was a little old fashioned)

it'll be the biggest write-in in history.

i figure i can't do a worse job than anyone else.... (how's that for an honest campaign slogan?)

Vote for Mike '08

thanks for reading, and for your vote


Bob said...

You know what's really crazy, I might even vote for you. :-)

Running Jayhawk said...

Okay okay okay....

you've got my vote.

And Capote...great flick...

Nitmos said...

In the Art-Imitates-Life, or Put-Down-Your-Book-And-Laugh, department, I had a similar experience just the other day. In 'It Can't Happen Here' (page 17 for those interested), there is a discussion - during WWI - about changing the name of German measles to "liberty measles" and sauerkraut to "liberty cabbage". Anyone remember the ridiculous, "freedom fries" switcheroo proposed in 2003 to express our displeasure with the French boycott of the war?

Assuming you get fun guv's vote, that'd make 4 and counting. Talk about grassroots!

Animal said...

I have to add the obligatory hideous musical assault due to the recalcitrant French:

"Freedom Horn." That's right...freedom horn. In F.

I'll vote for you...and then assume I have a place in the Passmore Administration? Better get that filing fee paid for before the office runs out of forms...

Gknee said...

Bus 4 Cabinet?

Mike said...

Hey what about the spouses everybody? Nitmos, I know Dave would be a tough sell, but do you think you can get Jill on board? What about King ~ will you work on them for me?

Arcaner said...

If I weren't Canadian, you'd have my vote.

Mike said...

In my government Canadians will be able to vote, you're basically Americans anyways ~with real health care...commie bastards!

Actually I know a Canadian citizen that does vote in our elections. He renewed his car registration and they asked him if he wanted to register to vote and he said sure...so he's voted ever since.

How 'bout that for Homeland Security?