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Monday, November 20, 2006

Back to Running

Yesterday was a wonderful 10 miler. My kind of run as the weather was a brisk 40 something out and the wind was out of the north.

So, off i go. Shorts, a running T, and a sweatshirt, out the door for what i hope will be about an hour and a half.

It's so amusing to watch the snow begin to fall in the middle of a long run. i wasn't sure what i laughed at more. The idea of running through another long winter or the looks on drivers faces as they drove by me. Some idiot out in shorts running North, against the wind, with snow falling.

Finished in about and hour and 13 minutes. That just sounds too fast, but i remember the time 10:55 when i headed out and the clock read 12:08 when i returned. That seems real fast to me and at the time it didn't feel like i was running faster. The route was my consistent 10 mile route for marathon training, and it had always taken at least 1:20 in the past.

There could be something to the notion of not smoking....except... i bartended and a huge group came into the hotel. All 20 something's, all sport biker's, all smoking and celebrating a birthday. Man... after an hour of inhaling 2nd hand smoke, i was going nuts... it was so unbearable... first chance i could i bummed a smoke...tasted like crap

Movin' On

Thursday, in addition to being the one day i can play Alice's Restaurant on our stereo, will be the Turkey Trot, downtown motown. Right before the parade. It should be a fun 10 k. As this will be the 2nd ten k i've ever done, i'm hoping for a PR. Fun Guv has an uncle who is going to run it. We're making plans to head downtown together. It'll be his longest race. He just started running and has done a 5k.

Very impressive, though. To take on a new sport at the age of mid 50 ish, like running. Sorta inspirational in it's own way. i thought taking on running at 37 was tough.

Luckily, he won't be kicking my ass just yet. i should have plenty of time to finish, grab a water, maybe a banana and settle in to watch and cheer for Uncle Earl to finish.

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L*I*S*A said...

Have fun at the Turkey Trot. I'd love to do it with ya, but I have to work that day. Drats! Have Fun Guv take a few pics to post. :)

Arcaner said...

Good luck with the PR attempt. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I don't wear shorts anymore to avoid the weird looks I get from people otherwise. It's kind like wearing white after labour day.