"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Outta my Monday Moanin' Mind (i sooo miss reading Bob Talbert)

i've been putting in a lot of miles this weekend. It's been great to run with no thougths of an future marathon or race. i think i'm done with organized running for the year. It's getting a little chillier. So now it's just run for the enjoyment and health.

i've done 4-6 miles every day for the last 3 days and i think i'm gonna push to see how many i can do in a row. i think three more as Thursday starts at 7:30 and goes straight through to midnite.

Needless to say, some quick hits on my thoughts while running:

Being an adopted child let me say that Madonna; kiss my a$$. You want to adopt, great, but i'm not buying the way you are going about it. Also, drop the fake accent. Nobody from Rochester Hills, has that accent. Angelina; i think you've done some great work in Africa, and i believe you have the best intentions. Unfortunately, if adoption becomes trendy for the privelaged, how de-humanizing can it become?

Also, from an adopted viewpoint, Tom Cruise; Kiss my a$$, too. Glad you have a new child, but to call the experience you're greatest moment? Why not call your adopted children, second class siblings, cause where do they stand in your experience as a parent?

My parents are my parents, my sister is my sister, end of story.

i ran mile with the Fun Guv'nor Saturday morning. Run/walk, that's ok. It's been fun.

Kudos to John Kerry for sticking to his guns and not allowing the neo-con chicken hawks, to pervert an apology out of him. Rush, go back to attacking people with parkinsons, and popping pills. Bill, i'm an SP and proud. Go back to your sexual harrassment problems and then tell me how you are founded on christian principles. Unless, your principles deal with crystal meth and homo-erotic rundowns. Mr Kerry, had you shown this same conviction two years ago, you'd be president today. So, not huge kudos, but keep trying to pull the extreme right back to a center. It's getting hard to be so far left.

And being left, let's say hooray to the state of New Jersey. Going back to my viewpionts on gay marriage. i don't view this as legislating from a bench, but making sure eveyone is treated equal. Also why i favor AA policies, alas to the plight of the poor white man. We've had it so rough throughout the history of this nation.

And, regarding the bible, which i am slowly still working through. i found a passage, not sure if it's in Psalms or Isaiah as i'm reading both which says something like; Beware of creating laws that limit the freedoms and favor a group of men, or something like that. It's not a quote, but i'm noticing a different God, as i read the bible, than the one preached about on Sundays, by evangelicals who seem to know that their flock doesn't seem to read.

Lastly, i had lunch with an attorney friend last week. As the elections are soon we discussed our political viewpoints. Thoughout our pleasant conversation we really hit on some middle ground, with regards to fiscal and social policies. Our argument on the middle ground was if our middle ground was left or right. He thought my opinions were soundly based on conservative, although not to the extreme right, values. While i found his beliefs to be liberal, but much more liberal than todays liberals in office.

i think if we had had a beer or two, instead of lunch, we would have solved all the worlds problems.

thanks for reading


Mark said...

You sure you didn't have a beer or two before you wrote this? I'm all for being in the middle. Wish we could get the message out to everyone else! Maybe all this way to far to the right and left will explode soon and we'll end up in the middle. I'm writing in MLP for Gov!

lisa said...

Down with AA.

L*I*S*A said...

Running every day...should we call you Dean Karnazes? Next, you'll be doing the 50/50/50 thing. ;)

Russ said...

i miss bob also...have a few of his columns on my cell (err...cubicle) wall...good writing, keep up the good work...see you at bayshore? i'm sure there are a lot of dove's with hangovers this morning after the party they must have had last night...