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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bib # 17412

There it is. I'm ready to go.

Today was a nice 5 miler. Of course, it rained and was real windy. My kind of run!!!

A new thing i have just noticed about the taper. It's much less miles, but the intensity is back.

i'm attacking these shorter runs with new intensity i haven't ran with for a month. Oh yes, i ran the long distances and ran them with a slow pace. i felt i needed too. It was most likely the correct way to approach them.

i see now that my fear of the taper wasn't physical. i wasn't going to lose my training by running less. i was afraid of losing my intensity. i started last week with the shorter runs at the same pace as the longer runs. This is where i lost my some emotional attachment to the marathon. In some ways i almost felt like my approach to the taper was sabotaging my ability to finish strong in Chicago.

So, i have made a new effort to attack these new shorter runs. Somewhat out of a new curiosity. If i could run the long runs at a slow pace, where is my short run pace now?

Can i finish my three mile runs under 24 minutes? What about 5 miles under 45?

If i can hit these targets, how do i feel? Am i drained or how much better shape am i in, now that i have completed these long training weeks?

Of course, i don't expect any of these short runs to make a difference in my time next week, but i have found a way that keeps my mind of something other then the big run.

I can now tackle the shorter runs with new intensity. The time is where i want, and my head is back in the game.

I hate to jinx the team but.....

How 'bout them Tigers!!! Bless you boys.

Two quick things on my drastic change of appearance from running:

First, i ran into yet another family member who did not recognize me, and

Second, i fear wearing my wedding ring as it fell off in the office last week, just fell of my finger. How odd, eh?
Fun Guv'nor thinks it's just an excuse not to wear it.

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Lisa said...

I think you'll be surprised at how strong you'll feel at the start line. Trust in the training and let it carry you through to the finish.

I think the taper is always more difficult mentally than physically.

We'll get there...

Nitmos said...

Wind? Rain? Late October in Chicago? Sounds like you (we) are now training in perfect marathon conditions. The nice thing is...I think we are mudders so this will work to our advantage. All the pretty show ponies will be complaining about the weather and we'll be streaking down those streets with mud dimples on our backs and a warm engine in our chest. Woo-hoo!

Animal said...

The thing I found odd about you losing your ring is that, dude, you've been married for like 11 years! And, my memory tells me you weren't "heavy" at your wedding...so, this is, like, better physical shape than you've been in for practically your entire adult life.