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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Looks like somebody had a little bit of fun at their 20 year high schools reunion!!
And truth be told all these old people graduated from high school together in 1986. What the hell? We don't really look old enough to be 38, do we?
Fine, we do. No reason to placate.

Anyway, allow me to introduce the 1986 senior trombone section. Yep, band geeks. Totally not the coolest area of the school. Now, really it's a little cool to be a chick and play an instrument, but for the fellows... not really.

i wasn't quite Napolean Dynamite, but i was a bit of a lanky, unco-ordinated, pimply, shy, not-too-confident, big Greg Brady fuzzy haired....Crap....Gosh...Idiot....

i think maybe i was Napolean....

Anyway, going left to right we have: Kevin, Missy, yours truly, and Mimi

It was so great to see these guys, and, thanks to modern techno-stuff, so easy to remain in contact now, vs. 10 years ago at the last one. Christ, who even had a cell phone way back then? Let alone email, website, a blog??
This picture was taken shortly after midnite. 10 years ago we posed for a similar picture, and i wanted to recreate it to compare to last reunion. Can't wait for the 25th to do it all again.

i truly had a better time then i anticipated. And big kudo's to my bride. Huge Kudos for doing her best, trophy wife, ratchet up the breast, look hot, yet still remain casual, while we exchanged knowing glances and private mysterious chuckles throughout the evening.

This whole mid-life crisis thing is ruined when you totally love your wife.

So Thanks!!!! Big Thanks also to the organizers of this party!!!! A few people i was actually able to thank in person. If i missed you and you helped in any small way to create a wonderful evening, i so sorry i missed you, but thanks, a million times thanks, my kingdom for a thanks.

Back to Running:Had an absolutely frigid 5 mile run, saturday morning. Wind was out of the west and i ran north and south, in a down and back 5 miles along the west arm of Grand Traverse Bay. The view was wonderful. The constant side wind sucked real bad. At least, i wasn't rained, or shudder, snowed on. 8 more miles, in runs of 3,3 & 2 and bring it chicago. You're gonna be my new bi-otch.

Looks like i'm going to run the Bayshore marathon in TC next spring. A fellow class of 86'er is looking to run his first marathon at this one. 13.1 miles up the Old Mission pennisula and then back. Go figure, i haven't even ran one marathon and i'm looking to help an old friend get ready for his first.

My Bad:Not sure why, but my last post was terrible. Mea Culpa, and i'll try not to do that again. i was in a bit of a hurry, but still wanted to provide some update. Stupid, stupid, stupid combination. i'm still learning and developing my voice. Thanks for staying through the bad posts.

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Lisa said...

Great pic! I want to see more photos of all the stuff that happened AFTER that photo was taken. ;)