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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nothing witty or new today just some new training to report

ran for 55 minutes yesterday after chasing the stupid white ball around for a couple miles.

distance 6.65 miles
time 55 and some change

pace 8:16-20

Had to retire a pair of running shoes. i like my new shoes but felt some pain in my knee for the first time this morning. not good pain either, it was the oops something feels wrong pain.

any thoughts? it's the first time my bionic knee has felt any pain after running. It could be due to my increased pace but i'm not sure. Should i try to slow down or see what happens friday when i have a 4 miler scheduled followed by a 7 miler on Saturday.

The ACL really only applies to lateral movement, and sudden stops and starts. Any thoughts?


Nitmos said...

Let me say this: I only run every other day. I know the professional advice guidebooks always have 5, sometimes 6 day running schedules. I really believe in the power of allowing a day to recover. Two years ago, I decided to start following their advice and running 5 days a week. About mid-summer, I started getting knee pain and, when I went to stand up once, my knee locked up and made a popping sound that freaked me out. It was painful for a couple weeks before it went away. Since then, I went back to my every-other-day schedule and haven't had any knee pain again. If you are running multiple days in a row, you may not - at the least - want to go really hard on back-to-back days. Rest is important. Pull back a little. Don't worry about your speed per mile. That'll come over time. Good luck.

Lisa said...

Ditto Nitmos. I wholeheartedly agree on the every-other-day running thing. I think that even more important than doing speedwork, fartleks, intervals or anything is REST!! I find that I do my best times/performances after a solid day of resting.

I might also take those shoes back and see if you can try a few different ones. They shouldn't cause pain like that.

Mike said...

hee hee

you said fartleks