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Saturday, July 01, 2006

We're back!!!!

Thank Gawd, i need a vacation from my vacation.

A fun filled week of a whole lotta doing nothing is three weeks away. The camping trip.

So today is was nice to run in familiar territory again. I ran far and hard, not the smartest thing with a 10K tomorrow, but oh well. During my week of not running and eating real bad, i gained about 10 lbs. This is a lesson well learned and i need to trim about ten lbs off before the 15K next week.

I should be fine for tomorrows run. 6-7 miles is my usual routine, and that's how i'm viewing it. Just with a few other runner's.

Nice thing is tomorrow is the first official training day.

So i too can begin to blog about training. it's been hell the last two weeks reading all my running blogger buddies in blogsphere starting to train as i second guess the program i was given.

Anyway today's run was 1 hr 12 minutes
distance 8 miles

so figure 9 minute miles. i'll take that. That'll put me at 56 minutes for tomorrows run, and still under two hrs for a 1/2 marathon.

My Bible reading took the same hiatus as my diet and exercise program. i'll get back to that soon as well.

Pictures from the trip are coming soon.

thanks again for reading


Lisa said...

Glad to see you made it home safely.

Let the training begin. :)

Gknee said...

Welcome home! Have a good 10K :)