"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back to Basics.....

Now that the first week of running as real training is over i decided to start the 2nd week with some interval training. I liked it, and had never done it before.

i ran 12 440's at a 1:30-1-50 pace with rest between to equal 3:00 per lap. my reward for running fast, more rest and vice versa. The high school track is 'bout 1/2 mile from the home so figure my 4 miles well spent. (love the rubberized track)

That was Monday, Tuesday i was actually sore. Wow, i haven't been sore in a while. It was a good kind of sore, not achy, but like i had pushed my physical limits. O.K. i'm a masochist.

Bible Stuff....

Finished Job, had to read lots of it twice to follow the gist. It ask tough questions to believers and non-believers. It may be the earliest account of a "lifes-not-fair" story. Deal with life as it comes, learn to deal with loss.

It's still very relative to today's world. Isn't it easier to worship if your life is filled with joy? a truer test of faith may be how it is maintained through adversity?

Anyway, i'm in the Psalms now and still going strong.

Political stuff....

thanks to all who read my last post which allowed me to indulge in my tongue-n-cheek views.

i met a candidate for the U.S. Senate this last weekend. He seemed to be a nice guy but we were at political opposites. i offered to wear a campaign sticker if he was willing to support gay marriage. We laughed for a moment, shook hands and sincerely wished each other well, but agreed to disagree.

Shout Out to....

the mom2moms who have stumbled upon my blog through the Fun Guv'nor,

Mike Barr for the encouragement as i continue to train, and the entire Barr family,

Running Rabbit and Running Girl for making me feel like part of larger community as we train for Chicago from all over the midwest, and finally

Mac, Mark, Scott, Tess, Gknee and my bride, Lisa aka Fun Guv'nor for always being there. No matter what stupid things i do. You're the best and i love you all.

thanks again for indulging me


Nitmos said...

Okay, seriously, I'm spending way too much of my day reading blogs lately. They are addictive. Some thoughts on pain by brighter minds (NOT consumed with the next episode of Hell's Kitchen):

"Pain is life--the sharper, the more evidence of life." - Charles Lamb

"Pain and pleasure, like light and darkness, succeed each other." - Laurence Sterne

And, ofcourse, the popularized USMC slogan: Pain is just weakness leaving the body. (origin unknown)

Lisa said...

We love ya, man. :)

Running Rabbit said...

Ahhh...but being sore is a good thing eh?

Mike said...


Gknee said...

Awww..I do love you! <3

Animal said...

Missed you last night! Just think...you couldn't brought the kids to their first hair-metal concert! Er...except there wasn't a lot of hair LEFT on some of those guys!