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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy 50th Post!!!

Well this is a milestone. 50 posts.

So it's Thursday morning and my first week of training is almost done. i didn't keep track of time to accurately, but the distances are fairly good. i have one more run scheduled, the big 15k saturday.

This is how my first week (8 days) looks:

Sat 8
Sun 6.22 (10K)
Mon 4.25
Tues 7.00
Wed Walk 2 miles while chasing a little white ball
Thur 4.25
Fri Rest
Sat 9.33 (15K)

So that's about 40 miles running and a little walking thrown in.

i admit it's a little too intense, and overdoing the first week training schedule, but i'm punishing myself for the extra weight i put on while vacationing.

i should be back under 200 lbs again by Saturdays race if i eat right for the next two days, and rested enough to run well.

thanks for reading


Gknee said...

Happy 50th Post! And also 'grats on your first week of training. Keep up the good work in both blogging and running :)

Running Jayhawk said...

Happy 50th!! :) Great week, too.

I'm hoping that I break 20 miles this week...we'll see what happens.