"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Guess what.... it rained again today.

whoda thunk???

i am so ready for the sun to shine.

Today was an incredible day spent looking at battle fields. We took a great tour of the Gettysburg visitor center.

O.K. for the record, people from Jersey are wusses compared to the Detroit area people. So we're in the visitor center parking lot waiting for a space. It was packed. So we see a van loading up and head over near the spot to wait patiently for it to open up.

So some yahoo from NJ must spot the taillights flash and scrambles over to cut us off from the spot. Now it wasn't raining, and the skies were farily clear. The van in the parking lot backs out, and the idiot cuts us off and pulls into the spot.

Now, you all know i'm not a violent man. i'm a dove not a hawk, but....

i got outta of the van and started towards the suv that stole our spot. Lisa's wiggin' out like a new battlefield will be established today. And i through in my best, "don't mess with me face" that i can muster. The kind that causes ManKenzie to start crying before i've even opened my mouth.

The moron rolls down his window and is like "Yes?"

"dude, did you see us waiting for this spot?"


"well, look, we were waiting for this spot. Do you mind moving?"

"uhhh....." think moron think. Please don't call my bluff, if you say yes, i'm done.

"No,.... i'll move"

"thanks"....whew, don't let him see me shaking. Storm back to the car and wave your arms wildly so he can see i meant business as he sees me in the rearview mirror as he backs out. Thank gawd he didn't want to create a scene with his young kids in the car.

It really was the last spot in the parking lot.

I soooo, should play more poker!!!

Gettysbrew.... was closed due to new owners and a remodel....Those bastards!!!!!!

We go back to Bube's soon.

Anyway, loved the battlefields, blah,blah, blah.... turning point for the war.... blah,blah, blah...lots of causulties... blah,blah, blah... Lincoln speech...4 score and blah,blah, blah....

Tomorrow back to Hershey Park for rain filled fun in an amusement park.

thanks for reading, love the coments

total distance: 0:00:00
total time: 0:00:00

Guess what, i have a 10k this sunday and a 15k next saturday. Ouch!!!


Running Rabbit said...

Hey there...Impressive time and distance! **giggle giggle** But you will be fine for your races...no problem! :-)

Lisa said...

You ARE the man. Get your butt on that hotel treadmill and log a few miles. If not, you'll manage to pull it off this weekend, I'm sure.

Would it be in bad taste to tell you that it's sunny and beautiful here in MI this morning? Don't worry...it's gonna rain later.

Gknee said...

Raining here in Sunny Florida but it's okay. We had been under "Red Flags" for nearly a month. Rain vs. Fires...I like to swim so its an easy choice for me.

Hey, be careful about approaching cars. You never know what kind of psycho is at the wheel and if he's "packin'".

Mike said...

Gnee, i so love your concern for my safety.

i tend to engage brain before mouth.