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Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to Mark, or Maach as they say in New Hampshire

Here's your chance to shout out a Phu@ Y&^ to me. Consider it a long distance birthday gift, you haven't had a good reason to in a while and i'd like to provide one.

Funny how 44 doesn't seem as old as it used too.

This would normally be were i type something corny like how much it means that you signed on to be Jimmy's god-father.

But i won't... cause i too, love you for the kisses. Smoochie-smoochie

no wait that's Animal....

Hey... another reason to say Phu@ Y&^

Small wonder Lisa calls me "her gay husband"

Happy Birthday, have a good weekend.


Lisa said...


Maaaaahhhk will love the birthday wishes. Gotta get him to read up on your blog.

Mark said...

Why thank you Mike. Had a very good weekend. Went down to Columbus and had Wings at, your fav, Roosters! It's nice to visit down there, but, it's nice to come home as well. The traffic down there is nuts. I don't feel 44, hope that's a good thing.
See you when you get back.

Animal said...

Phu@ Y&^, baby!