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Monday, June 26, 2006

rain, rain go away

no more griping bout the weather in Michigan. The grass is only greener due to the rain.

Yesterday's Factory tour of Bube's was nice. i love beer!!

Today hit a tour trap on the way into Hershey www.indianechocaverns.com

It was a cool little stop on the way into Hershey, we figured it was raining so why not. it's underground. Ooops, it was raining on us from the water seeping 100+ feet through the ground to the caverns. Oh yeah it rained on us, but the cavern was cool, literally and figuratively.

Today at Hershey we did the factory tour. Sorta, it's not really the factory but a mock-up version. The kids did it three times. We saw a cute 3-D movie about chocolate. And then watched the Hershey Park patrons scramble out of the park for a hour when the shies opened up on us again.

i am sooooo tired of chocolate. never thought i would say it, but it's true, no mas.

After 7:30 we entered the park for a preview. Hershey park allows a preview for tix holders after 7:30 till the park closes at 10:00. We did a few rides. It's nice. It was a preview so we didn't have time to see everything and the weather prevented all the coasters from being open. I rode three. One was a nice inverted coaster similar to the raptor at cedar point. It was only similar in riding style the ride had a few unique qualities.

Tomorrow will be more rain. So we will try our full day at the park on Wednesday.

Tomorrow will be Gettysburg. Since the entire town is a national park there will be plenty to do and most will be a driving tour or indoors. Screw the rain. It appears there is a brewery in Gettsburg, go figure, so i know where the tour ends tomorrow.

Due to the bad rain on the east coast we will most likely scrap the trip to DC. Philly is still 4 hrs away, so i won't be running up the library stairs, ala rocky balboa, on this trip. c'est le vie.

There's a treadmill in the hotel. i keep looking at it. Does this count as training? i mean at least i'm thinking of running.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update, a la the michael clark griswold vacation.

Since DC might be scrapped we can make time for the robotic cow milking tour. Actually the tour and milking is robotic. The cows are real cows.

Fun Govenor is not happy with my last paragraph. Love the biz center in the hotel but she keeps watching me type. Hey, if we are both in the biz center, who's watching the kids.

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Gknee said...

How fun! I'm really very jealous of your vacation. That is how I remember growing up. Pack the car and head to all the stops we can. I can't tell you how many caves I've been in. I think the coolest was in Missouri where they filmed Huckleberry Finn. Anyway, hope the rain stops soon so you can have more fun.

Lisa said...

Yes, Mike, you CAN get on the treadmill. It counts. Sometimes you just have to get it done.

Get your butt on up there, mistah.

Animal said...

Having just returned from there, I can honestly say D.C. is a great town, but you need a LOT of time to be there to see "everything." And even WITH a lot of time...you won't see it all. Wait for better weather. Gettysburg, on the other hand: not a bad stop, but my experience getting there is this:
1) Only one 2-lane road actually LEADS to Gettysburg.
2) Everyone on that road is going there.
3) Everyone is in front you.
4) They're all driving 50mph.

Hershey: ain't it amazing that you can smell chocolate like, literally, 5 miles out of town?! Wow.

Be sure to untie that dog from the bumper before you drive off. ;-)

runnergirl said...

I like the theory of looking at the treadmill as counting as a run. If that's the case I run hundreds of miles a week, as my treadmill sits next to my bed and I look at constantly. Oh, if only.....

Lisa said...

animal, we honestly only planned on hitting the "highlights" of DC since Jimmy would be bored to absolute tears if we did anything else. You know monuments and memorials - big fun!!!

Yes Gettysburg is reached by a two lane road, but I wish they were doing 50, the speed limit on 95% of it was either 40 or 45 MPH and of course with the rain and all, grrrrr....Oh and gotta love them round abouts.