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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It did not rain today!!!!

O.K., i promise to throw some pictures of the trip up next week when we get back.

It didn't rain today. The sun was out and although we were expecting scattered T-storms, it never happened.

Great day to spend at Hersheypark. There was flooding all around us, but the roads from York to Hershey were fine. The weather must have scared off some folks cause the park was fairly easy to navigate. None of the rides had any real lines to them.

O.K. now i admit to being a coaster junkee. The thrill of adrenaline, the weightless feeling, the falls and the speed really get me going. Here's the downer. I tended to evaluate all the rides in comparision to Cedar Point.

There are about 9 roller coasters here. i rode on 8 and they all a pretty good rides. Each unique and none boring, but after riding Milenium and Top Thrill Dragster, nothing compares to the rush.

i got to talking to some other coaster enthusiasts while in line and most were familiar with the rides of the east coast, but none had really been to Kings Island or Cedar Point. Although they had heard of the rides and meant to get to them. Most loved Hershey and thought it was the best place near the east coast to ride coasters.

Tomorrow, i visit Mecca. The largest Harley-Davidson plant. It's only two miles from the hotel.

Since we gave up on the DeeCee we are playfully contemplating the Robotic Dairy Farm. If just for the sheer mockery value. Not quite the same stature of the nations capital but close enough.

Anyway, it's real late and i've been going since 7:00 am, so i'll go into more detail later. Just wanted to create a quick update.

btw... does running to the next ride count as training? It's a real hilly park, does this count in my TUT?

thanks again for reading.


Lisa said...

I suppose since you are on vacation, running to and from different rides will count for perhaps 'interval training'. ;)

Mark said...

Wow! You've been busy. Don't know if I would have confronted the guy who sole you parking spot or not. I know if it were me, a few four letter words would have been flying before I got to his car. I'm sure he saw you waiting for the spot. But, he moved, I'm shocked! I knew a few people from NJ, and I'm sure they wouldn't have moved. Good job.
Sounds like your having a good time. anytime away from work is a good time.
See ya

Gknee said...

I'm partial to Cedar Point too! Their new ride Skyhawk looks cool.