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Friday, June 16, 2006

Egad....i'm shrinking??....

So here's the deal. i was working the bar last night and our sous chef noticed i've lost a lot of weight and says, "dude, you look like your shrinking"

"Well, yeah, i lost about 45 lbs since January"

"No, i mean you look a lot smaller. When you first started you had a larger than life quality. y'know long hair, and you were a big guy. You had a large presence to ya."

Great, i'm shrinking.

O.K. so my golf league has been going for a couple of weeks. i have got to be the worst golfer in the world. i don;t really care, cause my costs per stroke is real low. Also anyone can play from the fairway, where the grass is short and the lies are easy. Dammit, i prefer the challenge of the rough. That's where the real golfers play. Plus, i feel bad taking huge divots out of the nicely manicured fairways. The rough is supposed to be....wait for it...rough.

Anyway, so the number of my leaguemates who saw the difference in my weight from October to May who said things like, "Mike, are you o.k.?, are you sick? Is there anything you need?" is comical.

No real point just a funny thought. i'm still surprised by people's reactions to my new appearance. i've always thought of myself the way i currently appear. Funny thing how mirrors are one-dimensional. i guess i've been living in denial for years about my appearance. Dumb thing that actually motivated me was "The Biggest Loser". Once the people on the show started to weigh less then i did, it was time to make a change. Just one of many motivators.

Marathon Training: i was given a marathon training schedule for beginners that is a 16 week train. Which means my official start date is July 3rd. i can't ever begin to imagine who developed it, but it came from "Runner's World, August 2004". Since it appears many of my fellow gluttons for running are officially starting earlier than i, i am wondering why i went with the shortest beginner marathon train i could find.

Life as a procratinating obsessive-compulsive. i'm real committed, really focused, but let's wait to the last possible moment to start preparing.


Lisa said...

Oh yes, the "are you feeling okay", or "wow, you really have lost a lot of weight" comments sound eerily familiar.

Welcome to the Loser club. We're in it together at 45 lbs. apiece lost. Feels good, doesn't it? ;)

Running Rabbit said...

Yeah...what's with that :-) ...it seems like everyone else is starting tomorrow! **giggle giggle**