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Monday, June 19, 2006

An old newpapers columnist in Detroit used to run a column he called his monday moanin' thoughts, or something to that effect. This is a small tribute:

Father's Day has come and gone. i have two close friends whose fathers have passed away. one greatly misses his father to this day, another never seemed to care for his father. Funny peculiar, not haha, thing is most of the time i have to remind my father he has a son.

i miss the E Street Band.

i really love The Seeger Session Band.

Anybody who gets a chance to see Bruce Springsteen should. The man is the most ultimate showman. i've seen E Street, one man shows, and now...the Seeger Session.

how come you can find three guys dancing together in the aisles at a Bruce concert, but take the same three guys put them at the movies and they have to take 5 seats due to the "i'm not gay" seats.

i love living in michigan. i grew up and have always lived here. i love the water, the weather, and the terrain is rolling up north, and yeah in case you get lost we all carry a map of the state with us.

i love when people laugh at Michiganders, when we hold up our right hands to point where we live.

i love we have stupid names for ourselves; yoopers, trolls, fudgies, etc....actually that's about it.

i love Kid Rock, Eminem, Bob Seagar, Martha Reeves, Barry Gordy, and even, just the music, Ted Nugent

i love that Kiss Alive I,II & most of III was recorded here. Detroit Rock City

i love that there ain't no party like a detroit party cause a detroit party don't stop

i love the pistons, wings, lions and tigers

i love our reputation as a no-nonsense place to live. People work there asses off here, and almost entirely for the benefit of the auto buying people of the world. Michiganders can be real passionate about where they live and the kind of people we are.

but how about some reality...

Mighigan has one of the highest unemloyment rates in the country. Last figures i saw showed 7.2 %

New housing starts in Michigan are below national averages.

Communities in metro-detroit area havea 60 month inventory of current homes listed on the market.

Michigan is the fastest shrinking population in the country.

Detroit is the fastest shrinking city in the country. 1000 per month are leaving Detroit to head out of Michigan. Last one in the city turn out the lights

Ford Motor is looking to build another plant in Mexico.

Bruce sang the song "How can a poor man stand such times and live?" in reference to rebuilding New Orleans. And in one of his Springsteen-esque moments rambled on before the song about the importance on New Orleans. Which, hey, i agree lets rebuild, but wait a moment, Michigan's not going to be hit with any natural disaster large enough to destroy our community.

That's right no natural monster size disasters. No major floods, tornadoes, hurricaines, earthquakes, volcanoes, mudslides. Just more public golf courses per square mile than any other state, more shoreline than any other state, except Alaska, no shark attacks, all this clean water.

So if you're paranoid of natural disasters, we are the place for you. All of our disasters are manmade.

thanks again for reading.

provided, hacked, sliced and diced, cut/paste, whatever by Backstreets.com a Bruce fansite

June 17 / Detroit, MI / DTE Energy CenterNotes: A beautiful, warm summer night -- looked pretty hot onstage, actually -- in the far north suburbs of Detroit. And well attended, compared to previous shows -- the pavilion was virtually full, with the biggest lawn crowd so far. "Hello, picnickers!" Bruce hollered. There was no pit tonight, but that didn't seem to have any real effect; the crowd was boisterous enough, and there was no need to call for any Detroit asses to get out of any Detroit seats. A very similar set to Cleveland, dropping "Into the Fire" but adding "Further On (Up the Road)" before "Long Time Comin'." The latter was again dedicated to son Evan, whereabouts unknown at first -- Bruce said he was probably asleep backstage, since them teenagers like to stay up all night -- but he came out after the song to bring his pop a a guitar. Patti remains absent, but when a fan called out for her, Bruce said she'd "be back soon." Speaking of moms, Dave Marsh's mother got a shout-out tonight, with a dedication of "We Shall Overcome."

Setlist: John Henry/O Mary Don't You Weep/Atlantic City/Old Dan Tucker/Eyes on the Prize/Jesse James/Cadillac Ranch/Erie Canal/My Oklahoma Home/Further On (Up the Road)/Long Time Comin'/Mrs. McGrath/How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?/Jacob's Ladder/We Shall Overcome/Open All Night/Pay Me My Money Down

Encore: Bring Them Home/Rag Mama Rag/You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)/Ramrod/When the Saints Go Marching In


Mark said...

Wow. You always have a lot to say.
Like U2, I don't get the whole Bruce thing. There's only one song that I can think of that I like by Bruce.

There's many bands I've liked, and I've seen most of them. Some of the bands just get to old, break up, or, they just don't have it anymore and I have no desire to see them. There's a few band I'll always go see, but it's just a few. I'm not into the big crowds anymore. To many rude assholes.

Hope you had a Happy Fathers Day.

Lisa said...

I know you love Bruce, my friend, but I can't share your enthusiasm. Call me a commie or unpatriotic.

What I do know?

I LOVE that you LOVE Bruce.

runnergirl said...

Ah, good ol' Michigan. I grew up there and it'll always be home to me. I miss it. I miss the trees, and the lakes. I miss the sky. There is no place else on earth where the sky looks as blue as it does in Michigan. I miss the yoopers and their crazy accents. I miss the brillant colors of fall. Ah, sweet memories of home.